Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 816

Chapter 816 Li Moyings Fury 2

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After Li Moying had settled Huang Yueli, he walked towards Lei Zichu.

Every step he took, Lei Zichu instinctively took a step backwards.

“You… don’t come over, do you know who I am? Do you know who my uncle is? I’m warning you…..”

Li Moying indifferently said, “You dare to hurt my woman, how do you wish to die?”

“What? Your woman?” Lei Zichu looked at the young lady in his embrace, thinking that he had understood.

After so long, this was just another fellow who was trying to stand up for a woman. His ability looked extraordinary and he had never seen him before so he shouldn’t be a student of Celestial Light Academy.

This was easy to deal with. For women, no matter how huge a debt or how strong the hatred was, as the saying went, woman were like clothing so you can change it anytime you want to….

Lei ichu hurriedly exclaimed, “This brother… no, no, no, hero… that, you know I was also standing up for my woman to have made such a mistake. I didn’t know that she was under your protection and unintentionally offended you…. as you can see, she’s alright now so why don’t we make peace! My uncle is a eight stage realm practitioner and if this matter is blown up, it won’t do you any good as well!”

Li Moying laughed icily, “Since you don’t want to choose, then I’ll choose for you!”


Li Moying’s figure flickered and he was already in front of Lei Zichu. Lei Zichu only felt his eyes were in a blur and had not realised what had happened before he felt himself being strangled, instantly unable to breathe.

Lei Zichu’s face had flushed red as he kept struggling.

However, those struggles were just a waste of effort.

Lei Zichu felt an extremely powerful Profound Energy entering from his head and instantly flushed through every single inch of his meridians! His surrounding blood and bones were being crushed bit by bit, giving out a crackling sound as intense pain came washing over him, so painful that he wished he could faint on the spot!

But not only did he not faint, he couldn’t even cry out a single bit!

He couldn’t move, couldn’t make a sound but unexpectedly, his conscious was much clearer than any other time, so he could only forcibly bear with this inhumane pain!

As compared to his physical pain, the more terrifying thing was that he could clearly feel that his dantian was completely torn apart! The Profound Energy within his body insanely rushed outwards and very quickly, it had been drawn to a naught completely!

To a practitioner, nothing was more terrifying that this!

This meant that… he was completely been deposed!

Lei Zichu’s facial features were twisted and he suffered in pain for a long long time…..

Just at this moment, Huang Yueli gave out a soft “Mn” sound.

Li Moying’s attention was diverted immediately when his hand loosened, as though a puddle of mud, Lei Zichu fell soft onto the ground.

Jiang Tuxin and the rest shockingly discovered that Li Moying had really shattered his entire body’s bones and meridians!

So Lei Zichu’s body had no form of support and could only stay like a pound of minced meat, wiggling on the ground. But due to the extreme pain, his face had turned as horrifying as a devil!

“This… this…..”

Jiang Tuxin and Ling Wenbin’s eyes almost popped out, unable to believe what they had just seen!

They had originally thought that although this Young Sect Master’s cultivation was high, but as he was very young and had not experienced much things, so his character should be mellower.

But fact had proven itself that Li Moying’s heart was cold like steel and stone, his moves were decisive and his intentions were icy cold, similar to those peerless top exponents who had gained fame for many years!