Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 818

Chapter 818 I Beg You Dont Leave Me. 1

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Inside Huang Yueli’s room.

Li Moying put the young lass onto the bed and looked around at the surroundings, thereafter frowning in dissatisfaction.

Actually, the room that Celestial Light Academy had allocated to the new top student had a large space and the environment wasn’t bad at all. More importantly, it was naturally filled with a dense level of Profound Qi which aided in cultivation.

But from what Li Moying saw, this room was just too simple and crude, totally not worthy of his Li’er.

“En…. terrible…. I feel terrible…..”

The little thing on the bed suddenly moaned blurred words.

Li Moying anxiously scrambled over to her bedside, “Li’er, where do you feel uncomfortable?”

“Hot… very hot…. Scalding…..”

“Li Moying’s gaze subconsciously fell onto her body as the young lady’s low voice tossed around, making him unable to take his sight away.

However seeing the unusual flush on her face, Li Moying forced himself to withdraw his glance.

He outstretched his hand and put it onto Huang Yueli’s forehead, feeling her scalding forehead.

“She’s running a fever…..”

He frowned and realised that Huang Yueli was sprouting a lot of sweat. The compact sweat beads had slipped from her slender neck all the way down towards her collarbone, soaking into her clothes.

Li Moying sucked in a breath of air silently as he frowned slightly.

The reason why Huang Yueli was burning up was because of her internal injury.

That Soul Fixation Pearl was left down by a seven stage realm practitioner and the impact from the Profound Energy was too intense.

Even if Li Moying lent a helping hand, he was still late by a bit and Huang Yueli was still injured.

To help her get better, besides taking medicinal oils, the faster way would be for someone with a higher cultivation than hers to use Profound Energy and connect all her meridians.

But in this way, their bodies would need to be in close contact….

Li Moying only hesitated for a briefest moment before he put his hand to remove the buttons on Huang Yueli’s clothes.

Anyway, Li’er was destined to be his woman so taking several glances should be alright? Moreover, he wasn’t really going to do anything improper to her. All these happened for a reason…..

Huang Yueli’s outer robe quickly fell onto the ground and she was wearing an extremely thin inner clothes on the inside which was weaved by heavenly natural silk. It was cooling and breathable, and was strong in defence, but… it looked very translucent!

Even if she was wearing clothes, he could clearly see the curves on her body and because the inner clothes was already soaked by Huang Yueli’s sweat, the material hugged tightly onto her body shape and this fell into Li Moying’s eyes. That pair of soul sucking peach blossom eyes instantly ran deep by several degrees.

If it hasn’t been something that he witnessed, Li Moying would never have thought that his little thing…. Had such a shapely figure.

Just a few months ago when he met this little fox, she looked short and flat, and her looks were merely delicate.

Now, it had only been three months apart but she seemed like she had grown quite a bit as her features became delicately perfect and her height also increased by quite a bit.

And the most important thing was….. from what he saw now, her figure seemed to underwent a transformation….

Li Moying lowered his eyes slightly and he leaned forward pressing onto Huang Yueli’s body.

That cold emotionless thin lips fell onto her cheek.