Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 819

Chapter 819 I Beg You Dont Leave Me. 2

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He still remembered Huang Yueli’s internal injury so he restrained his kiss, only lightly pecking her, gently tasting the sweet smell on her lips before he backed off.

But at this moment, Huang Yueli suddenly stretched out her arms and pulling his clothes on his chest, she pulled him downwards and her soft lips proactively leaned towards him.


Li Moying raised his brows in surprise but before he could say a word, it was shoved back immediately.

This was the first time that Huang Yueli had been proactive towards him!

Even if he knew the young lady in his embrace was not clear headed now, the raging fire in his body was still stirred up by that inexperienced lick kisses!

He used one hand to stop the little hand that was moving about on his chest while the other hand locked Huang Yueli’s shoulder as he kissed back intensely!

However, Huang Yueli didn’t back down and still proactively explored while learning from his actions, the both of them tangled fiercely together.

Li Moying had never in his wildest dreams imagined that the little lass in his embrace could be so passionate to such an extent!

He was unable to control himself momentarily and could only depend on his natural ability to confine this little fox onto the bed while fiercely kissing her!

As they kissed, the fire gradually spread…..

Li Moying’s hand uncontrollably found its way inside Huang Yueli’s inner shirt and his hand touched… a piece of soft…

That exquisite skin was akin to the highest grade of satin, making him unable to resist and repeatedly fondling with tender care, unable to pull away from it.

His passionate kiss ran all the way downwards to Huang Yueli’s neck, as he gradually started licking and kissing her collarbone.

Huang Yueli was exceptionally compliant towards all his actions and even proactively rubbed against his body.

“Li’er, my Li’er…..”

Li Moying hugged her even tighter…..

When Huang Yueli heard his voice, her tightly shut eyes opened up slightly but was still in a daze.

At this point of time, her conscious was still not completely clear and in the mid of dizziness, she didn’t know what she was doing at all.

She only knew that the voice and tone that she heard was very familiar and it seemed to come from somewhere from far yet it seemed like it was coming beside her ear.

“Li’er….. Li’er…..”

Who was calling out for her?

In her daze, she seemed to see an extremely handsome and extraordinary face. That pair of sharp penetrating and yet charming blossom eyes was intently focused on her, as though… she was the most valuable treasure…..

Underneath that pair of eyes was a straight nose bridge, cold thin lips and the perfectly chiselled chin was as perfect as a sculpture. That thick brows were raised as the head was lowered slightly, the charm and sexiness of a man made one close to suffocation.

Just an expression was enough to make a woman infatuated with this man… a matured man….

At this moment, Huang Yueli seemed to see Mu Chengying!

“Li’er…. You’re so pretty…..”

A deep sexy voice was heard beside her ear and in that cold yet passionate tone seemed so familiar, just like how Mu Chengying used to converse with her.

In the bewilderedness, the man before her eyes lowered his head and kissed her.

When the two lips made contact, Huang Yueli almost cried!

Such familiar kiss, such feeling, she had been waiting for decades, centuries, forever…..

Feeling the man who dabbled and was about to stop, she instinctively stretched out her hand and pulled onto his clothes before proactively leaning over to kiss that man spontaneously!

There was only one thought in her mind. It hadn’t been easy for her to meet Mu Chengying so she wasn’t going to let him leave!