Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 82

Chapter 82 Little Thing Where Do You Want To Go?
Chapter 82 Little thing, where do you want to go?

When Huang Yue Li walked away from the study, the weather had turned dark.

She told the servants to refurbish the study and courtyard. Afterwards, she told them to prepare dinner.

While eating, Cai Wei constantly held a hesitant expression, obviously she felt that something was off with her Young Miss today. Especially after those actions.

Huang Yue Li turned a blind eye to this.

Within her mind, she only thought about the letter and jade pendant.

Today, she tried every means to break the hidden formation, to find the letter Bai Liu Feng left behind. It was only to find the truth of her fathers disappearance.

She did not expect, that once she read the letter, her question was not answered. Only more questions formed.

In the end what kind of identity did Bai Ruo Lis mother possess? Why was she a ninth grade talent, yet remained unknown to the word? What kind of family could nurture ninth grade talents and still remain so obscure?

From the knowledge of her past life, Huang Yue Li heard of practically all experts. Each of the major forces affairs were always within her information network.

But she did not hear of the mysterious identity behind her mother. This was too shocking!

Huang Yue Li vaguely felt that the continent held a lot of secrets.

In her past life she was infinitely close to the martial peak; at the very least she could glimpse the threshold. But the harsh reality was, she had merely been looking at the sky from the bottom of a well! Her view was far too narrow!

Additionally, what kind of clue did Bai Liu Feng find, that made him so desperately leave his daughter?

And the jade pendant he left behind, what was its meaning?

All this mystery, all so intricate. Completely made her unable to make heads or tails..

Seven days passed by.

Soon, it was the day of the annual auction of Thousand Treasure Pavilion.

Huang Yue Li rose early, ready to rush to Thousand Treasure Pavilion and participate.

She did not trust that man. Such an important event, it was best if she personally went to observe the auctions situation. If she was swindled by him, she would not help him count his money!

But just as she stepped out of the gates, she was astounded.

There was silence on the street. A golden sandalwood horse carriage stopped in front of her.

Curtain sliding open, a tall, elegant and extravagant man stepped down from the carriage. Wearing his mask, he emitted his mysterious and bewitching temperament.

Huang Yue Li did not expect to meet him here. Face falling, she wanted to make a detour.

Taking a step forward, the man blocked her path.

Third Young Miss Bai, where are you going? His low and sexy voice, carried a faint trace of a smile as it travelled into her ears.

This voice was extremely mystifying. But in the ears of Huang Yue Li, it became rather annoying.

She turned her head and stared at the man, saying: Where am I going, it does not seem to have any relation to you? On the other hand Lord Owner, why are blocking someones path early in the morning? Could you have the intention to do something unlawful?

Third Young Miss Bai, your words make this Lords heart hurt. How could you think like this?

His lips hooked up, releasing his irresistible allure. But still carried a strong sense of power.

Are you sure you want to go to Thousand Treasure Pavilion and participate in the auction? This Lord was afraid walking there would not be convenient, hence why I came to pick you up.

Huang Yue Li wished to say no, but thought otherwise., Since there was a free carriage to ride, why did she have to exert energy herself? Walking from here to Thousand Treasure Pavilion would require at least half an hour!