Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 820

Chapter 820 I Beg You Dont Leave Me. 3

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The kisses between them became more intense.

Huang Yueli was extremely spontaneous and extremely eager.

In her past life, she had already been regretful on one matter which was from beginning till end, she had never belonged to Mu Chengying truly.

That man… was obviously powerful enough and had enough charm. Just by using a little tricks, he could easily obtain her but he had always been waiting the moment where she was totally willing…. but Huang Yueli eventually didn’t agree.

It was until the last moment when her soul dispersed when she realised that her heart had already gone to Mu Chengying.

Only, she was unyielding pampered and shy, so she wasn’t willing to admit it…..

If time could turn back, she would definitely admit frankly that she also liked Mu Chengying and she was willing to be with him, to accept his….. everything…..

This kink had repeatedly happened in her dreams after her rebirth and became an unmovable thought in the inner depths of her heart.

This time during her loss of conscious, she seemed to have felt Mu Chengying touching her. Moreover, it was more passionate than any other times in her past life. The two of them were so close to one another and had been so intimate, as though it had ironed out the uneasiness in her heart…..

Huang Yueli uncontrollably wanted even more.

Her little hands restlessly stretched into the man’s robe.

Huang Yueli curiously caressed here and there, and while she was happily playing around, she suddenly heard a man’s deep panting sound from above her.

“Little fox…..”

Huang Yueli heard this familiar address and her lips curled upwards. Mu Chengying had always called her little fox…..

She hooked the man’s neck and rubbed her little face towards it, “I miss you so much…..”

“I miss you dearly too…..”

This little thing’s sweet voice softly said those sweet nothings as Li Moying jolted, only feeling a headful of softness as his gaze also became gentler.

After the two of them separated outside Sky Cloud City, Li Moying had returned to the Sect. But once he had free time, he uncontrollably thought of this little lass.

The only thing was Li Moying felt that it was impossible that Huang Yueli would think of him like he thought of her, keeping him on her mind. She usually looked so fleety and would always take the evading attitude towards his different ways of expressing love.

Now, she suddenly said… she missed him?

Could it be that this little thing actually loved him but was too shy to admit?

Just at this moment, Huang Yueli felt his actions had stopped and started to feel anxious.

Her little hands felt Li Moying’s back as she gently kissed him by his ear.

“Don’t’ leave me… I beg you, don’t leave me…..”

In her hallucination, Huang Yueli seemed to see that Mu Chengying being surrounded by several ninth stage realm experts in the Northern Ice Fields in order to save her.

Fear, took over her senses.

She wasted no time in trying to catch the man before her, not allowing him to leave.

As for Li Moying, he had been overwhelmed by her passionate act ad he really didn’t think that the little fox’s inner heart would be so insecure, and moreover…. She needed him so urgently!

Li Moying was on fire from her caress and he was unable to control himself as he fiercely kissed her back.

That delicate and weak little thing was so soft, yet so compliant… making him simply unable to resist…..