Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 821

Chapter 821 Not Him Hes Not Him 1

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“Pl….please don’t die…..”

Just as Li Moying could barely control himself, suddenly he heard Huang Yueli’s sleeptalk.

Li Moying’s actions halted as a sense of non-understanding arose in his heart at that instance.

Don’t die? What did that mean? Wasn’t he alive and kicking right now? Why did this little thing suddenly say such a ridiculous thing?

But this thought only lasted for a short while in his head.

“Sorry….. wu wu….. I’m sorry…”

Huang Yueli suddenly hugged him and buried her face into his neck as she started sobbing.

This little thing’s tears were dripping on him but yet it seemed to be scorching his heart.

Li Moying heard her whimpering sound and regained some senses of consciousness. He stretched out his hand to push aside Huang Yueli’s long hair and hugged her shoulder while a hoarse voice rang beside her ear.

“Why are you crying…. Are you not willing? But you initiated it!”

Li Moying clenched his teeth secretly feeling frustrated. Whoever saw his beloved woman lying there and suddenly started to sob, bearing a bullied expression, would feel extremely upset!

Why on earth was this little thing crying? Wasn’t everything alright earlier?

Li Moying had never thought that in Huang Yueli’s eyes, at this moment, whatever she saw were all images from her past life and not the actual…. him.

“Wu wu wu, why do you treat me so well?”

Perhaps it was because she missed Mu Chengying too much, Huang Yueli suddenly felt extremely fragile as her tears continued to flow downwards.

Actually, she wasn’t a fragile person. However tough or difficult situations, she had the absolute confidence and ability to face it and would never easily gave up!

She had once thought that she would never cry in front of others, but…..

At this moment when she thought she was once again being embraced by Mu Chengying, she was totally unable to suppress that sense of grievance and terror.

Li Moying was shocked by the increase in her tears and could not be bothered to follow through that debt. He sat up and carefully embraced Huang Yueli, holding up her little face as he lowered his head to kiss her tears.

This was the first time he had seen her cry!

This little thing had always been filled with self-confidence and at any one point of time, she was so strong without any fear, as though nothing could hurt her at all. But at this moment, she seemed so fragile.

Why? Was she bullied by someone when he wasn’t around?

Surely it couldn’t be that she was shocked into tears by what he did earlier!

“Please, stop crying… who bullied you? Tell me and I’ll go take revenge for you! Or have I made you unhappy? Tell me, I’ll listen to everything you say, alright…..”

Li Moying lowered his head as he tried to coax her. In order to stop the little thing in his embrace from crying, he came out with whatever means he could!

All sorts of sweet nothings which were extremely mushy were told without any hesitation, in the hope to make his little fox smile!

If Mo Yi and the rest were present, they would probably had been shocked to death. The man in front of them was embroiled in matters of the heart. In what way did he reflect his usual sense of callousness?