Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 822

Chapter 822 Not Him Hes Not Him 2

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This was totally not the same person at all!

However, Li Moying didn’t realised which part had he nor performed well.

He only knew that from Huang Yueli’s tears, he felt a constant heartache, as though a splitting pain from deep within was pulling his spirit apart into two halves, painful to the extreme.

He would do anything just as long as Huang Yueli stopped crying!

Perhaps his patient coaxing took effect or perhaps Huang Yueli cried so much until she was tired.

She finally gradually stopped and with a hiccup and tears and mucus still on her face, she rubbed against Li Moying’s chest.

As a man who had slight mysophobia, not only didn’t he feel uncomfortable, instead he held onto Huang Yueli’s shoulder, deeply concerned that she was tired from crying, trying to lay her down to rest.

But Huang Yueli refused to be manipulated by him, holding on to his arm tightly.

“No, please don’t leave me…..”

“I’m not… why would I leave you? I can’t bear to stay by your side always!” Li Moying painfully pecked her on the cheek, “Be good. You’ve gone through an entire day of battle and even got injured, don’t you feel tired? Lie down and rest a little while alright? I’ll get you a glass of water. You’ve cried so much and you’ll be dehydrated.”

Huang Yueli shook her head furiously, “I don’t want, I don’t want! I don’t want to drink water, don’t leave me!”

Her slender fingers subconsciously grabbed hold of him tightly as her fingernails etched deeply into Li Moying’s muscular arm.

Li Moying felt a wave of pain. After all this little thing was a third stage realm practitioner and that strength was not something that a mere physical body would handle. But Li Moying couldn’t bear to use his Profound Energy to deflect her.

However, his brows didn’t even creased and he gently stroked Huang Yueli’s shoulder as he replied in a low voice, “Alright, alright, I won’t leave. I’ll stay right here beside you alright?”

Huang Yueli didn’t said anything but nodded her head furiously while in his embrace.

Li Moying adjusted his position and leaned against the bedhead so that Huang Yueli could lean more comfortably in his embrace as she leaned on him.

At this moment, although the little thing’s clothes were dishevelled, and that tender breasts was leaning against his muscular chest, he didn’t have the same thoughts which he did earlier.

He hugged the little lass and his heart was filled with peace, feeling that as long as he could hold her in his embrace, it was the greatest satisfaction.

As time slowly went past, Li Moying also started to feel drowsy.

But just at this moment, Huang Yueli suddenly spoke out.

“Did you know? I’ve never understood why you always treat me this well…..”

That voice was very tiny and if one didn’t prick up their ears, one wouldn’t be able to hear her clearly. But Li Moying was very alert and immediately became sober.

He had never expected Huang Yueli to suddenly say such things. He thought… this lass was fast asleep!

However he didn’t move, neither did he make any sound. He only listened quietly to Huang Yueli’s hushed recitation.

“Actually for so many years, I’ve never believed that your intentions towards me is real. I only feel that you merely think that my innate talent was comparable to yours. I know that you had obtained a set of couple cultivation method and it requires an lady with an innate talent of ninth grade and above to comply before you can cultivate! I had always thought that you got near me so that you can make me do the couple cultivation with you. Besides that it was also because you saw value in my Armament refining talent…..”

“Of course, you’ve been good to me. Always been very good but this sort of good with motive, I don’t care for it….”