Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 825

Chapter 825 Who Was That Last Night? 2

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Just as Huang Yueli was in a daze, suddenly…..

“Thump, Thump, Thump!”

A knocking sound rang and Su Qingyue’s voice was heard from outside of the door, “Sister Li, Sister Li! Have you awoken? I’m here to see you!”

Huang Yueli hurriedly replied, “Sister Su, please come in!”

Su Qingyue pushed the door open and with face filled with worry, she heaved a sigh of relief when she saw her sitting on the bed.

“You… you’re alright! That’s great! You’d scared me to my death yesterday night. No one had expected that Lei Zichu would be such a sore loser and deal you with such a heavy hand! He actually snuck and attack! Yesterday the entire Martial Arts Stage was blown apart and no many students on the viewing platform fainted from the impact of the explosion! You were there up on the Martial Arts Stage and bore the brunt of the impact! I was so worried that I almost died, scared that you’d be heavily injured! But from the looks of it, you don’t seem to be seriously injured.”

Huang Yueli nodded, “I’m alright and I’ve only sustained some light injuries…..”

Su Qingyue sighed sorrowfully as she expressed, “Sister Li, you’re so powerful! I heard that that was a seventh tier Soul Fixation Pearl! That was equivalent to a seventh stage top exponent’s full force strike! If I was there instead, I’d have become minced meat? But you only sustained light injuries! Your ability… I really cannot imagine!”

When Huang Yueli heard what she said, she frowned slightly and said, “Where on earth would I have such an ability to defend against a seventh stage practitioner’s strike? Someone must have saved me yesterday. That’s right, did you see who was it who saved me?”

At that time, even though she was about to lose her consciousness, but she indistinctly felt something.

Someone saved her and that someone was an extremely powerful expert! That strong arms, warm embrace and that low pitched sexy vocals, the feeling…. felt similar to Li Moying?

Could it be that, yesterday it was Li Moying…..?

Su Qingyue blinked her eyes and said, “That’s….. probably Principal Jiang who saved you and sent you back? When the explosion happened, I also fainted and by the time I regained my consciousness, I saw Principal Jiang and the rest dealing with the aftermath and they even locked Lei Zichu up saying that they would punish him severely! Principal Jiang was able to reach her so soon so he definitely must be at the Martial Arts Stage viewing your battle! It’s probably him who showed himself when the Soul Fixation Pearl exploded and saved you!”

“Oh, so it’s Principal Jiang! I must thank him properly!”

As Huang Yueli thoughtfully said that, she didn’t noticed the slightly disappointed look that she revealed on her face.

Yesterday the person who saved her was Principal Jiang….

That’s right, no matter if it was Mu Chengying or Li Moying, it was impossible for them to appear at Celestial Light Academy now so it was really wishful thinking on her part.

It was just a dream after all!

Moreover, it was an erotic dream which made her face blush with increased heartbeat and widen her blood vessels!

She simply could not imagine that she had behaved so wanton, so hungry, simply…. Like a shameless vamp, actively seducing men!

It was totally unimaginable and if this was true, she’d rather bang herself to death!

Luckily, it was just a dream!

Huang Yueli was both disappointed but yet slightly felicitate as the expression on her face as ever changing.

Su Qingyue saw that and asked her curiously, “Sister Li, what’s the matter with you? Are you feeling alright? Do you want to rest a little while? I won’t disturb you then.”