Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 826

Chapter 826 Acknowledge Allegiance To Me 1

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Su Qingyue stood up planning to leave.

“No need, no need, I’m fine!”

Huang Yueli pulled on to her in a hurry, “Sister Su, what’s the reason for you to visit me today?”

Su Qingyue hesitated for a moment, “You’re really alright? But your expression didn’t seem so well.”

Huang Yueli replied, “I’m really fine. Don’t I know the condition of my own body best? Sister Su, do go ahead and tell me what you have on your mind!”

Su Qingyue answered her, “Sister Li, the last time….. before you went for the battle, didn’t you let us to bet on your all win? I’ve listened to you and went to buy a little. But as my guts is very small, I only bet a thousand pieces of lower grade Spirit Stones and I didn’t expect that… you really won. This is really out of my expectations! I didn’t expect that you’d be able to win so many battles and even Lei Zichu who was ranked eighth in Martial Arts Stage had been defeated by you!

Huang Yueli smiled, “You’ve overpraised me!”

She knew that Su Qingyue’s words are not finished yet.

As expected, Su Qingyue continued, “That day, besides me who had bet on your all win, there are several friends of mine who had come from the surrounding countries around South Yue Kingdom, so we can be considered as fellow countrymen. Because of you, they’d earned a huge amount of spirit stones and hearing that you’re from South Yue Kingdom, they’d like to get acquainted to you. I wonder if….. Sister Li, do you have any time and is it convenient?”

Huang Yueli’s lips curled upwards and nodded, “Of course it’s convenient. Since we’re all from neighbouring countries, let’s gather together. I’ve not met many people in Celestial Light Academy yet!”

Su Qingyue delightfully replied, “Alright, I’ll get them to come over right now!”

Su Qingyue ran towards the door and immediately called the rest to enter Huang Yueli’s courtyard.

In actual fact, those people had already been standing at the entrance. But they did not dare to barge into Huang Yueli’s territory so they had been waiting for Su Qingyue’s announcement.

When they saw Huang Yueli, they immediately swarmed over and greeted her with the term “Senior Sister”!

In reality, Huang Yueli was much younger than all of them but as her power was simply too strong, all of them had addressed her with the “Senior Sister” title which was evident that they were here to rely on her!

Huang Yueli had wanted to reduced them to submission long ago and from her understanding from Su Qingyue, they had always been bullied in Celestial Light Academy and had been in search of a strong backing.

However, as she had just joined the academy, her base wasn’t stable enough so she hadn’t approached them without careful consideration.

At that time, she was just a new top student and although her ability wasn’t too bad, it hadn’t reached the time for others to take the initiative to defect to her yet. Even if she interacted with them, others would only treat her as a newbie who wished to stand out and sucked her into their entity. In that case, she would only become a member.

But what Huang Yueli wanted was not to be an ordinary member. Since she was going to join in, naturally she must obtain absolute control, making everyone swear their allegiance towards her!

So she had been waiting, for the perfect opportunity!

But now that she had revealed her outstanding talent and defeated Lei Zichu who was ranked eight, displaying her overwhelming strong ability!

To be able to ranked in the top ten in Celestial Light Academy was an exceedingly talented pronoun! At this place, innate talent and power represented identity and status!

The top ten students of the Martial Arts Stage were like one of the academy’s leader among one of the powerhouses and numerous students would swear their allegiance!