Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 827

Chapter 827 Acknowledge Allegiance To Me 2

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This kind of her finally made the small team among Su Qingyue unrested and after discussion, they quickly hurried over to rely on her.

To express their sincerity, none of them came empty handed and brought along various expensive gifts.

Huang Yueli didn’t bother to act unconventional and accepted it all.

After exchanging conventional greetings, the few of them exchanged glances with Su Qingyue.

Su Qingyue reciprocated and tried to sound her out, “Sister Li, I mentioned this to you earlier that the situation in Celestial Light Academy is very complicated and as practitioners from small countries, we are easily bullied by those students who come from the large families in Sky Cloud City. So as not to let others look down on us, we will usually move out together.”

Huang Yueli did not continue from her stubble and merely smiled, “Sister’s Su thinking is right.”

Su Qingyue realised that she had no response and turned anxious.

“Sister Li, join us! Think about it, you’re also from a small country. Although your innate talent is very outstanding, but you’ve also seen it for yourself. Influential families like Lei Zichu hold a lot of resources from their families and their cultivation methods and Profound Armaments that they use are much more powerful than ours! Moreover many influential families in Sky Cloud City are interlinked. Since you’ve hurt Lei Zichu, the other families would also treat you as their enemy! Although their power might possibly be weaker than yours and not dare to challenge you, but it is still possible that they will set various hurdles for you in the academy!”

Huang Yueli lifted her cup as she replied with a calculated and unhurried tone, “So what?”

“Are you still muddle headed? In the academy, various battles cannot be avoided and if there are people who keep going against you, how will you be able to concentrate on cultivating?”

Huang Yueli put the teacup back on the table and as the bottom of the cup knocked against the table top, it gave out a resounding crisp sound.

“Sister Su, don’t be mistaken! There are indeed many influential families’ disciples in the academy but I don’t believe they can do anything to me! I’m a core student and moreover, I’m ranked top ten in the Martial Arts Stage! Perhaps one day I’d be able to join Celestial Light Sect! Those influential families are not silly and they’d be in a hurry to draw me over so why would they come and pick on me?”

“I think, the people who needs protection… should be you right? Your power isn’t enough and your status is inadequate. So it’s perfectly normal for anyone to snatch your resources. However you have no right social connection to find the correct backing! If you need me to protect all of you….. it can be done! But I never keep useless people around me! If you want me to help you guys, then naturally there would be some conditions!”

After she finished saying these, those present turned green and white.

The motive to look for Huang Yueli was to defect to her while on the other hand, they held some wishful thinking.

After all, no one liked to be another’s lackey and they thought that since Huang Yueli was still young and had her mind on cultivation, she probably didn’t understand the ways of the world. It would be best if they could use some sayings like ‘sharing the same hatred for the common enemy’ to coax her into joining their small team voluntarily so she could contribute a part of effort for them, which would be the best consequence!

Whoever knew that Huang Yueli totally wasn’t tricked at all!

Saying till here, they came to realise that Huang Yueli wasn’t someone who was easy to deal with!

Su Qingyue raised her head to look at Huang Yueli and upon seeing that exquisite face with that faint smile, she saw that beneath her eyes…. It revealed swift and fierce signs!

She was gazed upon by that glare and instinctively shuddered as she lowered her head.

A youth asked, “Senior Sister Bai, please express clearly what are you conditions and what you can help us with?”