Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 828

Chapter 828 Acknowledge Allegiance To Me 3

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Huang Yueli slowly said, “My conditions are very simple. If you wish for me to help then you must completely pledge your allegiance to me! Let’s bond via a Blood Pact and swear your loyalty to me, with no duplicity!”

There were many common way of controlling subordinates. For example Li Moying’s Shadow Guards actually didn’t had too much of a strong binding and it was totally reliant on themselves to swear their loyalty towards Li Moying.

But this kind of relationship required both parties to have a strong sense of trust before it could be formed. Li Moying had grown up with the Shadow Guards since he was young which was why he was able to trust them and not worry about any form of betrayal.

Huang Yueli didn’t have that kind of trust towards these practitioners from the small countries.

The reason was because they were originally here for the benefits!

Perhaps at the beginning, because of Su Qingyue, Huang Yueli didn’t want to make things to absolute but when she came to realise that they had various ideas during their arrival and had intended to trick her, Huang Yueli then decided not to show mercy.

Blood Pact was better than planting a Slave Seal.

For those practitioners who were planted the Slave Seal, they would be bound as a slave to the person who planted the seal for their entire life and upon a single thought from the master, they could be completely stripped of their self-consciousness and become a puppet.

But a Blood Pact was different. It had a time limit and once the duration had lapsed, the Blood Pact would be ineffective. Moreover, the covenanter had their own freedom. If they had some something to betray their master, then the other party would automatically find out and could be traced easily.

Most practitioners who had stronger abilities would resist to their death upon knowing that they would be planted the Slave Seal. Sometimes, they might lose more than they expect.

But most people were able to accept Blood Pacts. As long as their power was strong enough, a lot of people would admit defeat.

Upon hearing what Huang Yueli said, their expressions turned extremely ugly!

“This… Senior Sister Bai, don’t you think it’s a little too unsightly to so such a thing like that?”

“That’s right. Your innate talent is indeed outstanding but all of us are Senior and Junior brothers and sisters and yet you want to form a Blood Pact with us? Don’t you think you’re slightly overbearing?”

The few of them bore a condemning attitude, deeply feeling that they had been insulted!

Everyone knew that Huang Yueli would raise her conditions but no one had expected that she wanted them to completely become her subordinates!

Each of these people who entered Celestial Light Academy were all the cream of the crop and many of them were some royal prince or princesses in some small country, so they had never been subjected to such contempt before!

Huang Yueli’s expression remained indifferent, “If you’re not willing, you’re welcome to leave now!”

The few of them exchanged glances.

Earlier the first youth to speak out was Yu Xinyang and he gritted his teeth as he spoke out, “Senior Sister Bai, I know you need people to carry out errands for you in the academy and we’re all willing to serve you! But the thing about Blood Pact…. What’s the point? Don’t tell me that you don’t trust us?”

“I really don’t trust you. You all…. What qualifications do you have to make me believe you?”

Huang Yueli spoke bluntly without euphemism as the expressions on their faces turned even uglier.

However, she didn’t care a single bit about the crowd’s response and said coldly, “One word, willing or not willing? Those who are not willing can leave right now! Don’t make me repeat the third time!”

The few of them looked at each other as they couldn’t make a decision.

Everyone were talented practitioners who thought highly of themselves and they were ignored even though they automatically came over to pledge their allegiance and even requested to form a Blood Pact…..

Just thinking about it was hard to accept.

After hesitating for some time, someone finally opened their mouth.