Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 829

Chapter 829 Acknowledge Allegiance To Me 4

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“This sort of condition….. I cannot accept it! Good bye!”

After that person finished his words, he turned around and left.

With the first person starting the trend, the rest of them didn’t hesitate further and started to leave one by one.

Su Qingyue turned anxious and called out, “You all…. You’re all going to leave like that? But… but what if that Jiang Hongyi comes to find trouble for us again, what shall we do! If this goes on, none of our star currency would be left and we’re unable to cultivate! Don’t tell me that we’re going to be suppressed by other people for the five years that we’re in Celestial Light Academy?”

Everyone’s footsteps took a halt.

“Senior Sister Su…..” Yu Xinyang opened his mouth and his face was filled with struggles, apparently indecisive.

Huang Yueli instantly realised that this bunch of people had been bullied so severely that they came over to rely on her.

She raised her brows as she said, “What is the matter? What trouble have you gotten into?”

Yu Xinyang replied, “Yes, we have trouble! But even if it’s you, it’s also impossible to solve it completely!”

“Oh? Really? You didn’t say so how do you know it’s not possible?”

Yu Xinyang hesitated for a moment, “You… if you really have a way to deal with that fellow, I… I might agree to your conditions!”

“Junior Brother Yu!”

“What are you thinking of? This is a Blood Pact!”

A few of them cried out in shock.

Yu Xinyang said loudly, “But I’ve got enough! We cannot go one like this. Even time we managed to earn some star currency, those students from the influential families would send people to come and snatch it away! After joining Celestial Light Academy for two years, we haven’t even learnt one single cultivation method! We can stay in this academy for at most five years. If this drags on, it would have been a wasted trip to come to Sky Cloud City! When we return to our country, how would other people see us?”

The crowd kept silent and stopped in their footsteps, not daring to take one step outwards.

Huang Yueli said with a smile which didn’t look like a smile, “Alright, now can anyone tell me, the situation with the person who you need to deal?”

Su Qingyue looked at the few of them and opened her mouth, “The matter is like this…..”

Huang Yueli quickly found out the cause and effect.

Actually the matter was very simple. Just before Huang Yueli came to this place, the academy’s most powerful Martial Arts Stage top ten were entirely the disciples from Sky Cloud City’s influential families. Each of them belonged to different powerhouses and the academy had already gathered quite a number of people, occupying the academy’s resources.

And among those people whom they enrolled, those small countries students became their target to bully by those influential families disciples, so they had bitter words stuck in their throats but unable to voice it out.

Su Qingyue that bunch of people were oppressed by a core student called Jiang Hongyi. Every month he would collect ten star currency from all of them as protection fee.

Su Qingyue and gang’s ability were just not enough and they couldn’t even make more than ten star currencies per month, so it was impossible for them to cough it out. Therefore they were beaten up daily and all their star currency were snatched away!

Without star currency, they wouldn’t get any resources in Celestial Light Academy, not to mention exchange for cultivation methods or Profound Skills to cultivate.

“Senior Sister Bai, you’ve also heard that this Jiang Hongyi is one of the subordinates of the Martial Arts Stage ranking number one’s Mister Yuan! If we were to take it up with him, it would be equivalent to offending Mister Yuan! I wonder if you dare to take up this trouble of helping us solve this?” Yu Xinyang replied in provocation as he raised his chin.

Huang Yueli replied indifferently, “What’s there not to dare? But I won’t help you solve this trouble. You’re all grown up and since you’ve created this problem, go solve it yourself!”

Yu Xinyang sneered, “I already said you don’t dare to, what’s there to pretend…..”

Before he could complete his sentence, he was suddenly stunned.