Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 83

Chapter 83 A Beauty Sense Problem?
Chapter 83 A beauty sense problem?

She nodded and said, Okay then.

Voice fading, the mans long arm stretched out, suddenly hooking onto her slender waist. Using a some force, he pulled her into his arms.

What are you doing?? Huang Yue angrily glanced up.

The man tightened his arms. As he felt the waist that seemed it would snap with a little force, her bodys warmth and breathing, his heart couldnt help but send out waves of emotion.

Eyes falling on her pink coloured lips, he smiled wantonly.

This carriage is too high. You are not a practitioner, so climbing up would be too hard. This Lord will carry you up! Dont move around too much!

Not hard. No need for you to trouble yourself!

Huang Yue Li began to struggle too late, as he had already carried her into the carriage.

Fortunately, once in the carriage, he did not continue to hold her. But he gently released his arms.

Regaining her freedom, Huang Yue Li gave him a supercilious look.

Since she was already in the carriage, she didnt continue to be unreasonable. Minding her own business, she settled herself down.

On the small table was fine translucent tea set with a small fire underneath the teapot. Sitting in the teapot was still the top quality Clear Red Grass Tea.

It was not Huang Yue Lis first time in the carriage, and regardless of what the man was doing, she poured herself a cup of tea. Sipping the tea, she looked out the window.

The man pricked up his eyebrows.

This little fox was so spontaneous. Did she treat herself as the owner of the carriage? If she thought like that, it made him extremely happy!

However, she just poured her own tea and completely treated him a peerless man as thin air. Was there a problem with her sense of beauty, or a problem with her sight?

No matter what the problem was, it must be corrected!

Secretly coming to this conclusion, he quietly leaned towards his little fox.

Looking out the window, Huang Yue Li was trying to guess the results of todays auction.

Suddenly, the mans voice sounded from near her ear. It was practically beside her ear.

Little girl, what are you thinking?


Huang Yue Li was startled. Did this man study a special hidden movement technique? Why did he not even make a little bit of noise or movement, indicating he had moved behind her.

Bluntly, the man sat right next to her.

Huang Yue Li was sitting in a seat meant for one person. Because the man forcibly squeezed himself in, there two people stuck side by side.

She turning her head, she looked at him with a displeasure. Just as she planned to get up, What are you doing? Since you like my seat so much, I will let you have it!

Who knew that as soon as she stood up, the man hook onto her waist from behind. And also also tripped her foot.

Unstable, Huang Yue Li could only sit back down. Not only that, she sat down on his thighs.

Let go of me!

Huang Yue Li did not think this man would be so shameless, and immediately struggled to rise.

He laughed in her ear and said: Not releasing! You were throwing yourself into this Lords arms, if this Lord were to refuse, wouldnt I be giving you no face?

When did I throw myself into your arms? Delusional, must be cured! Huang Yu Li clenched her teeth.

The man demonically curved his mouth, How did you not? This Lord merely wanted to sit next to you, who knew that Third Young Miss would be this passionate. Changing your position to sit directly onto this Lords legs! But do not worry, this Lord fully understands your intentions. Though you took the initiative, this Lord is not a superficial man. I will not think you are frivolous.