Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 830

Chapter 830 New Senior Brother Is So Handsome 1

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A slender hand extended in front of him.

In that hand was a scroll.

“What is this?” Yu Xinyang received the scroll and opened it up. Upon one look, his hand trembled, “Th…This is an Earth grade lower level cultivation method!!”

“What? Earth grade lower level cultivation method?”

Everyone started to crowd around him as they stared in shock at the scroll in Yu Xinyang’s hand.

In the entire Soaring Heavens Continent, cultivation method was something that was extremely difficult to get hold of.

Outside the academy, an original scroll of an Earth grade lower level cultivation method’s auction price was extraordinary, something which even sixth stage realm practitioners were not able to afford!

Even if it’s within Celestial Light Academy, students require a huge amount of star currency to exchange for cultivation methods. Moreover these students were not core students so their scope of authority did not allow them to exchange for an Earth grade cultivation method!

This was why everyone’s eyes almost dropped out when they saw Huang Yueli give out an original scroll of Earth grade cultivation method.

“This… Senior Sister Bai, what do you mean by this?”

Huang Yueli held her teacup as she drank a mouthful of tea and replied, “When you came over, you’d brought along many gifts and I have nothing to give in return so this scroll is my gift to you! Mastering this cultivation method scroll should be enough to let you defeat that Jiang something fellow!”

“You… what conditions do you have? Do you want us to sign the Blood Pact now?” Yu Xinyang asked.

Huang Yueli put down her teacup as her lips curled upwards to reflect a smile but the expression in her eyes were filled with frost!

“You think I’m begging you to declare your loyalty to me? Ha, based on your innate talent and cultivation, to be able to join my team is your good fortunate that your ancestors had done in their past lives! Since you don’t know what’s good for you, you can leave now! But next time you want me to accept you, it won’t be that simple anymore!”

Everyone looked at each other and looked at the cultivation method scroll then finally looked at Huang Yueli’s icy cold face in disbelief!

What did that mean? Huang Yueli didn’t want them to swear their allegiance and just gave them a cultivation method scroll?

Where on heavens would you find something so cheap??

Had she become retarded! After they had received the cultivation method and settled their problems, who would come back and look for her? And beg her to accept them as her subordinate? What kind of joke was that!

The few of them exchanged glances and with oil on their feet, they sped away!

After gaining such a big advantage, whoever who didn’t leave was an idiot!

Only Su Qingyue and Yu Xinyang felt bad as they hesitated, “This…. we’d done nothing to gain a cultivation method for nothing…..”

Huang Yueli swept them one glance as she said, “No need to stand on ceremony. This cultivation method is not given away for nothing! If you still want to look for me, make sure you master this cultivation method within seven days and deal with that Jiang fellow before you come and look for me again!”

The both of them didn’t really understood but since Huang Yueli wasn’t willing to speak further, they could only leave.


After sending them away, Huang Yueli also went out.

To her, there was a pressing matter and that was to collect all the recorded medicinal herbs in <> required for cultivating the third level. Otherwise her advancement this time would not be perfect and she would be unable to breakthrough third stage fourth level. Staying on the same level for long term would be damaging to her body as well.

She now held a huge amount of star currency and the fastest method would be to go to Celestial Light Academy’s herb garden to search for the herbs.

However, when she was nearing the public square, she discovered a large circle of people crowding together and moreover, they were all female students!

What kind of situation was this?

Huang Yueli’s footsteps halted as she heard a female student speaking.

“My, did you see that? The Senior Brother who Principal Jiang personally brought over is simply too handsome! Just looking at him make me want to faint…..”