Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 831

Chapter 831 New Senior Brother Is So Handsome 2

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“Yes, yes! Senior Brother is simply too handsome! I’ve never seen such a handsome man before in my entire life! Quickly move aside and let me squeeze in a bit more!”

“Aiya, stop squeezing! Can’t you see that it’s full of people here?”

Hearing the crowd’s conversation, Huang Yueli curiously casted a glance towards the crowd of people. The result was she saw a tall and straight figure from behind and he was crowded around in the middle by others so she couldn’t see his full view at all.

She was somewhat speechless at this point of time. This bunch of ladies were all crowding here just to see a rear view of a man whom they couldn’t even see clearly! Just how handsome was this man? Could he be more handsome than Mu Chengying? Or more handsome than Li Moying?

Apparently, it’s impossible!

Ai, they’re really little girls who had not seen the world.

Hearing a few female students speak out again, “Speaking of this, this Senior Brother is not just handsome only! I heard that his innate talent and ability are exceedingly outstanding and is very, very powerful!”

“Yes, I’ve heard of that too. It’s rumoured that Principal Jiang personally invited him to Celestial Light Academy and his personal ability is already very strong. So he’d only be staying here for a while. His aim should be the academy’s tournament in the second half of the year, in preparation to enrol into Celestial Light Sect!”

“Wa! He’s so awesome! I wonder if this Senior Brother versus Martial Arts Stage number one ranking’s Mister Yuan, who is more powerful? Mister Yuan is one of the famous handsome male in Sky Cloud City!”

“Judging from looks, Mister Yuan had been defeated completely! As for ability…. Hmpf hmpf, I believe Senior Brother is also very awesome and powerful! He definitely cannot be worse off than Mister Yuan! Handsome men are definitely powerful! Face value is justice!”

Huang Yueli heard their discussions as her lips curled upwards, feeling slightly funny and yet a little envious.

So… this is a normal practitioner’s student life! To crowd around just to look at the new handsome senior brother or something…. she had never done this kind of thing in her entire two lifetimes!

She sighed with regret for a while, turned around and left.

She totally didn’t noticed that when she left, the man who was being crowded around turned around and his complicated gaze looked at her rear view.

This person…. was Li Moying!

Li Moying looked at her light footsteps and without turning around she continued on her way so he was feeling extremely oppressed in his heart!

A peerless handsome living male standing right here and so many love-struck women had crowded around to look at him but this little lass wasn’t interested at all! Earlier she was looking here but didn’t actually recognise him?

Looking at her refreshed look, apparently the thing that had happened last night didn’t affect her at all.

Only he, spend the entire night sleepless till dawn…..

Who was the person that she liked!

This question had been reverberating in his heart many times, casing him unable to even have a moment of peace…..

His Li’er…. Could it be that there was no way she would belong to him?


Huang Yueli left the public square and walked along a small path all the way to Celestial Light Academy’s herb garden.

This field of herb garden was the largest that she had seen since her rebirth. Looking afar, it occupied the entire mountain slope.

There were many students who had crowded around the pavilion at the entrance to exchange herbs whereas there were two teachers who were in charge of the exchange.

One of them had a long queue in front of him and that queue was extremely long, all the way from the outside of the pavilion and circling the pavilion several rounds.

The other teacher, however had no crowd at all.