Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 832

Chapter 832 New Senior Brother Is So Handsome 3

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Huang Yueli thought it was rather strange as she turned around and tapped a student in the queue as she asked, “Why do you all queue at the same line? Isn’t there no one over at that side?”

The student replied, “This Junior Sister, from the clothes that you’re wearing, you’re a first year student and had just joined the academy? No wonder you don’t know the regulations! That teacher is only in charge of helping the core students exchange herbs. Or if you’re exchanging for herbs worth one thousand star currency and above, you can also go to that queue.”

“I see…”

“Yes Junior Sister, now you understand? One thousand star currency! Other than those top one hundred ranking tycoons in the Martial Arts Stage, who else would have so much star currency! Moreover be willing to exchange it for herbs! As for core students, it would be even more difficult. The academy only has a total of less than two hundred core students among all the students in the academy. So that queue usually doesn’t have anyone queuing at all!”

The male student thought Huang Yueli was young and she’s a rather exquisite beauty so he had some liking for her and told her a couple more information.

“I understand now, thank you Senior Brother.”

Huang Yueli nodded her head at him.

The make student smiled, “No need for thanks! Junior Sister, hurry and queue up behind! There’s not much people in the early afternoon but as more and more people comes, quickly don’t waste any more time…..”

Before he could finish his words, he saw Huang Yueli turning around and headed towards the table where there was no queue.

He immediately got anxious and called her from behind, “Junior Sister, Junior Sister! You’re headed the wrong way! The queue should be to walk towards the right side and you’re heading to the left! Quickly come back! That old witch who’s in charge of exchanging herbs for core students is very mean! Don’t go and provoke her! Aiya, did you hear me!”

He was so anxious that he stomp his feet but Huang Yueli didn’t seem to hear him as her footsteps didn’t even stop for a moment.

Very quickly, she stopped right in front of the other table.

Seated there was a middle aged woman. Her looks wasn’t considered as ugly but when she glanced at people with that icy cold expression on her face, she basically looked askance at other people. Her expression totally showed a snobbish look and just one look and you know she’s not some virtuous person. No wonder that male student had such an opinion of her earlier, even giving her a nickname of an old witch!

Huang Yueli opened her mouth to ask, “This teacher, I’d like to exchange for herbs.”

The middle aged woman glanced sideways at her and retracted her line of vision as though she didn’t see her at all.

Huang Yueli frowned slightly and raised her voice, “Teacher, I’d like to exchange for herbs!”

The middle aged woman seemed to have discovered her existence and slowly casted her a glance as she sneered.

“Little Miss, you’re in the wrong queue! My queue is only for Celestial Light Academy students with value and status! Poor students like you who had just entered the school should quietly go queue up instead of coming here to get scolded by me?”

Huang Yueli’s eyebrows creased as she replied, “Teacher, please speak politely. I’m a core student!”

“Core student?” The middle aged woman seemed to have heard a biggest joke of the year, “What joke are you cracking? Think I didn’t see the first year uniform that you’re wearing? Core student! I’m telling you, there had never been any first year student who made it to become a core student! Don’t brag. Did you think I, Guo Meili could be tricked so easily? Quickly get lost and leave!”

Huang Yueli wanted to continue but saw the middle aged woman’s expression changed as she stood up.