Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 833

Chapter 833 New Senior Brother Is So Handsome 4

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“Young Master Zeng, you’re free today to drop by. What herbs do you want to exchange? Let me know! I’ll immediately look for it for you. Recently we received a bunch of good quality herbs and it’s all very fresh. The medicinal effects are absolutely first rated! And there’s also fifth grade medicinal herbs! The catalogue is here, why don’t you take a look first? Standing up is too tiring, so please take a seat here, right here!”

Middle aged woman smiled obsequiously, looking right behind Huang Yueli.

Huang Yueli turned around and saw a tall and lean youth standing behind her.

“So it’s Young Master Zeng! He’s Zeng Weicheng who’s ranked third in Martial Arts Stage. No wonder that old witch had become so disgusting!”

“Tsk tsk, isn’t it so. She’s just like that, a kind of attitude towards influential families’ rich young masters and core students with a bright future whereas another attitude towards ordinary students like us! She’s such a snob!”

“Isn’t that so, but there’s no other way. It’s all because our ability isn’t comparable to other people! Such a pity that new student is quite pretty, but she doesn’t understand how things work around here and provoked that old witch. Today would be the day where she would be humiliated!”

“Yi, not true, that new student… why do I feel that she looks rather familiar?”

“Familiar? She just joined the academy and you’re already finding her familiar? I think you think that she’s pretty and want to pretend to act familiar so that you can hit on her?”

The battle that Huang Yueli had yesterday made her became an instant celebrity in Celestial Light Academy. But as the tournament stage was rather far from the rear rows in the viewing platform, they weren’t able to see clearly what she looked like. Moreover, she had just entered the school a few days ago so most people didn’t have any chance to get to know her.

So there were plenty of people who couldn’t recognised that she was Huang Yueli who had defeated Lei Zichu!

Middle aged woman took the initiative to invite Zeng Weicheng to take a seat and even made tea for him before pulling out a thick book of catalogue, flipping it page by page for him.

Huang Yueli saw what she was going and walked over. Stretching out her hand, she pressed onto the pages of the medicinal herb catalogue.

“Teacher, I recall that… I seem to be the one who was here first? Don’t tell me that in Celestial Light Academy, there isn’t a single set of rules. Don’t you know exchanging herbs requires one to queue up and be served in order of arrival?”

Middle aged woman didn’t expect that after her criticizing, not only did she not leave in embarrassment, she even jumped out and cut into her flattering!

Her face sunk immediately, “Cut queue? What do you think you are, even dare to say Young Master Zeng cut your queue? You’re not even qualified to queue up here! I’m warning you, you’d better hurry up and scram from here! Don’t bother Young Master Zeng, otherwise I won’t be nice to you! For intentionally creating trouble at the herb garden and disrupt the order to exchange herbs, do you know what kind of punishment you will get?”

Huang Yueli’s glare shimmered as her voice turned chilly, “Why do I not have the qualification? I’ve already said this earlier, I’m also a core student! I have the right to exchange for herbs here!”

“Really? Then where is your evidence? If you have what it takes, show me your identity token!” The middle aged woman sneered.

Huang Yueli immediately took out her identity token but she immediately thought of something and went into a blank.

Because her identity token was still an ordinary student’s token which was uniformly distributed during their enrolment.

The examiner had told her at that time that after she had enrolled, she should report to the core student management office so that she can exchange for a core student’s specialised token.

But after she entered the school, first she went into closed door cultivation followed by battles and had been extremely busy, not even sparing a bit of time to go and exchange the token.