Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 836

Chapter 836 Heart Is Bleeding 2

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Now because of her bad ‘eyesight’, she failed to tell that Huang Yueli was a peerless talent and even used that attitude of despise to talk to her earlier…..

The middle aged woman’s back was filled with sweat and her legs almost gave way, to the point of kneeling down!

“You… you… Bai… Miss Bai…..”

Huang Yueli’s eyebrows rose as she spoke in a seemingly smile, “I already mentioned earlier that I’m a core student but teacher you don’t seem to believe…..”

“No, no, no, I believe, I believe!” The middle aged woman hurriedly responded, “Miss Bai, earlier my eyes had failed me and I was unable to identity your great ability! An outstanding talented student like you will of course be able to exchange for medicinal herbs here. Your cultivation is the number one greatest matter, who would dare to delay it at all? Please come this way, take a seat, I’ll treat you to tea! What herbs do you need? Please take your time and choose…..”

Huang Yueli replied, “I don’t dare to stay here to choose the medicinal herbs. After all I’m a newly enrolled student and I’m not able to present my identity token. Delaying a teacher’s time is a huge crime! Maybe I should go check with the herb garden director to see how I can get to exchange for medicinal herbs.”

The middle aged woman heard that and her face turned pale with fright.

One must know that those who were able to become the top ten core students were all holding extraordinary statuses in the academy beyond ordinary students’ imagination.

If they were not satisfied with any of the managing teachers and went ahead to complain, in light of evidence, the managing teacher would be dismissed immediately!

She hurriedly said, “Miss Bai, please have mercy and forgive me! How about this, this is your first time coming to the herb garden to exchange for medicinal herbs right! Then for all the herbs that you’re exchanging today, I’ll give you a ten percent discount! Please take your pick slowly…..”

“Ten percent?”

“No, no, no….. twenty percent, twenty percent!” The middle aged woman felt her hesitation and quickly lowered the standard.

Huang Yueli then nodded, “Alright, since teacher is so generous and I’m not those kind of arrogant a** type of people…..”

Although she did have quite an amount of star currency on her hands, but if she were to exchange for medicinal herbs, it would be those extremely high grade ones. There were some which were even seventh level medicinal herbs and perhaps Celestial Light Academy might not even have it! If they did have, the pricing should be very shocking and perhaps even these ten over hundred thousand star currency might not be enough.

If she could scrimp, she would! Moreover twenty percent was indeed much cheaper than usual.

Seeing that she nodded her head, the middle aged woman heaved a sigh of relief before she passed that thick book of catalogue to Huang Yueli.

“Then… please take a seat over here. Whatever herbs you need, please let me know so that I can bring it over for you…..”

Huang Yueli didn’t look at the catalogue but instead drew out a list.

“The herbs I want are these, but I’m not sure if the academy has it all?”

Middle aged woman opened the list to take a look and her hand shook!

“This… Lithe Grass, third level, twenty stalks…. Silver Frost Branch, third level, twenty pieces….. Rainbow Light Grass, fourth level, ten stalks….. Spirit Heart Vine, fourth level, twenty pieces…..”

Just looking at the top few items on the list, the middle aged woman was shocked as her voice started to tremble…..

“Mi…. Miss Bai, you…. you intend to exchange for so many medicinal herbs today? Y… Do you have that much star currency?”

She indeed had the authority to give the person who wanted to exchange herbs discount, but the highest discounted amount that she could give was merely two hundred star currency! Anything more than two hundred star currency, she’d need to top it up from her own pocket!