Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 837

Chapter 837 What Is Her Relation To Young Sect Master? 1

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She was thinking that since Huang Yueli was a new student, at most she would only have a few hundred star currency on hand and it was impossible for her to use it all to exchange for medicinal herbs which was why she had generously given the discount earlier.

Whoever knew that Huang Yueli was such a rich tycoon. Just in that list alone, the herbs she had seen earlier were valued at several thousand star currency. Moreover, there was still a long list to go….

“Why? Suspect that I don’t have money?” Huang Yueli took out her identity token, “I have here ten over hundred thousand star currency. To purchases these medicinal herbs, it should be more than enough!”

When the middle aged woman heard what she said, she almost fainted on the spot!

Ten over hundred thousand star currency!

Please don’t tell her that so much star currency was to be used on purchasing medicinal herbs??

Huang Tueli used the identity token and knocked against the table edge as she urged, “Teacher, can you hurry a bit! You also know that my cultivation time is very precious and cannot waste it on waiting for you to find the medicinal herbs. If you don’t know how much reserve stock the herb garden has, then you really don’t know your job well. If I were to reflect this to the academy…..”

Middle aged woman took a stumble as she spoke trembling, “Mi… Miss Bai, I really don’t…. don’t have such huge authority…. If you want me to give such a huge discount, even if you beat me to death, I’m also not able to take it out! Moreover, the last few medicinal herbs on this list of yours are all seventh and sixth level so I don’t have any here. These high level medicinal herbs all require the Principal’s approval…..”

“Need the Principal’s approval?” Huang Yueli’s eyebrow rose.

“Yes, really. We’re not able to grow these medicinal herbs in our herb garden and only in certain mystic region or danger zones would it be able to grow naturally. It is also extremely rare and the resources in our academy is really not many so just based on star currency, you might not be able to exchange for it and will require the Principal’s approval…..”

Huang Yueli believed that this middle aged woman would not dare to cheat her now.

She thought about it and replied, “Then please hurry to help me send the request, I have urgent use for it!”

Middle aged woman nodded her head continuously, “Yes, I’ll go immediately. Miss Bai please wait here for a moment and drink some tea, I’ll go report this to the Garden Director now!

She turned around to leave once she finished her sentence.

After the herb garden director got the news, he quickly reported this to Jiang Tuxin.

When Jiang Tuxin originally heard that it was this year’s super talented new top student applying for medicinal herbs, he was all smiles as he expressed in a relaxed attitude, “Since she wants it, then give it to her! After all, such a talent might not even appear in every one hundred years….. wait, there are so many medicinal herbs on this list, these are all she wants?”

Just halfway through his words, Jiang Tuxin took carefully at the contents on the list as his expressed turned stiff immediately.

Garden director hurriedly nodded, “That’s right, that’s what Miss Bai said herself!”

“What kind of joke is this! Although her innate talent is not bad, but she’s merely just entered third stage realm cultivation. Why on earth would she require seventh level medicinal herbs! Moreover, applying for just one or two kinds, I’d approve and give it to her. But now she’s applying for ten over high level medicinal herbs at one go, what is she thinking of?” Jiang Tuxin frowned as he spoke painfully.

The resources that Celestial Light Academy held was incomparable to their Sect.

Even those high level medicinal herbs that he kept in the storage were painstakingly gotten from the Sect and had been accumulated for many years!

In the end, Huang Yueli came and opened her lion jaws, trying to take away all the hard-earned medicinal herbs which he had accumulated for so long!

He really didn’t bear to give it away.

Jiang Tuxin replied, “No, approving all is impossible…..”