Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 838

Chapter 838 What Is Her Relation To Young Sect Master? 2

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He thought and thought and said, “But she is ranked top ten in Martial Arts Stage so I cannot not give her any face at all, so just approve two kinds types sixth level medicinal herbs…..”

Jiang Tuxin drew a horizontal line below the two kinds of medicinal herbs names and passed it to the herb garden director.

Garden Director responded, “Principal Jiang is really wise in handling this, I shall go and inform Miss Bai…..”

“What herbs does she want?”

A cold and aloof voice was heard from the side.

Before the Garden Director could react in time, he saw a slender beautiful big hand stretched to his front and took away the list in his hand.

A young man dressed in Celestial Light Academy’s core student robe held on to that thin piece of paper, carefully scrutinizing it.

When the Garden Director saw him, he couldn’t help but went into a blank.

Who was this person? Celestial Light Academy’s student? He couldn’t recall seeing a student with such outstanding looks in the academy before! Moreover the Profound Energy vibrations coming from him was simply too strong and had already exceeded the standard of what a core student should have. Even a teacher like him felt tremendous pressure!

“Bodhi Spiritual Ginseng, Green Cliff Dragon Karlgren…. I thought it was some incredible item. Principal Jiang, you can’t bear to give it away?”

After Li Moying went through the list, he folded the paper and threw it in front of Jiang Tuxin as he spoke out icily.

Jiang Tuxin immediately quivered up as he turned anxious.

Although he had just interacted for two days with this Young Sect Master, but he already knew that this Master was extremely hard to serve. For example now, although his tone sounded cold and aloof, but in actual fact, it represented that he was extremely unhappy.

How did he offend him again?

Jiang Tuxin twisted his thought around and suddenly came to an understanding!

That’s right, this application for high level medicinal herbs was from the new top student and she… seemed to have an extraordinary relationship with Young Sect Master!

Yesterday when they were in the Martial Arts Stage, Young Sect Master personally appeared to save her and even threw a huge temper to dispose of Lei Zichu! And before that, Young Sect Master had mentioned that he would like to live next to that young lass…..

Jiang Tuxin instantly regretted his decision as he hurriedly explained, “Young Sect Master, please don’t misunderstand! I’m just following according to Celestial Light Academy’s regulations to handle this matter only and not intentionally going against Miss Bai! I will now send my instructions down that as long as the herbs are something that Miss Bai requires, it will all be approved. No matter how many she required, we will issue it all to her!”

Saying that, he turned around and looked at the Garden Director, “What’re you still waiting for? Didn’t you hear what I said? Miss Bai is Young Sect Master’s friend so serve her with care!”

Herb Garden Director just realised that the incredible handsome young man standing in front of him is actually the rumoured youngest disciple with the most outstanding innate talent in the entire Celestial Light Sect’s history, whose name was reputed in the entire South Sky Region, Young Sect Master Li Moying!

To have a legendary top VIP appearing in front of him made the Herb Garden Director feel that his two legs were turning to jelly.

But he still summoned up his courage to reply, “Yo… Young Sect Master, Principal Jiang, it’s… it’s not that I don’t want to do things well but… but the items that Miss Bai wanted are just too many. And some are rather difficult to find so our academy’s storage don’t have such medicinal herbs at all! This…..”

When Jiang Tuxin heard that, he also frowned, “Young Sect Master, you see…..”

Li Moying creased his forehead as he directly called out, “Mo Yi!”

Mo Yi hurriedly stood out, “Please give your orders Master!”

“Immediately make a trip back to Celestial Light Sect and using my name to get the herbs that Third Miss wants. Make haste and return quickly. By tonight, you must deliver the items to Third Miss!”