Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 840

Chapter 840 What Is Her Relation To Young Sect Master? 4

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What….. situation was this?

As the incident happened too suddenly, the middle aged woman was left completely stunned in a daze.

Huang Yueli’s forehead creased but she didn’t say anything much. After paying with her star currency, she kept her identity token and brought the medicinal herbs back.

No matter what, for someone to send her medicinal herbs automatically, it wasn’t really a bad matter!

Since things went along so smoothly, Huang Yueli’s mood was rather good as she sped back to her residence.

But who knew, when she reached her residence, a huge crowd had formed along the doorway and most of them were ladies.

“So Senior Brother stayed around here! This is the core students’ residence?”

“Right. It’s rumoured that the other courtyard next to his is the residence of this year’s new top student, the one who had won consecutively for more than ten rounds yesterday! Aiya, her life is so good, to be able to stay next door to a male god senior brother!

“Wu wu wu, I envy her so much! The pavilion closest to the water enjoys the moonlight first!”

“What are you talking about? Why are you crowded around my courtyard entrance?” A sweet voice was heard.


The female students all turned their heads in a hurry and saw a slender, delicate young lady standing behind them, curiously sizing them up.

Someone in the crowd immediately recognised her, “Ah, you’re Bai Ruoli~~~!”

“So she’s the lucky Bai Ruoli!!”

Huang Yueli blinked her eyes as she asked puzzledly, “Lucky? What happened to me? Why are you all crowding around here?”

Someone tugged her and pointed to the courtyard next to hers and said, “Junior Sister Bai, don’t you know that today a super handsome Senior Brother joined our academy today! Moreover it was Principal Jiang who personally brought him over! He said he would be staying at our academy for half a year. Now he’s staying right next to you! Senior Brother he’s really very, very, very handsome…”

Female student’s eyes turned into a heart shape.

Huang Yueli was rendered speechless momentarily, “So…. you’re here to take a look at that Senior Brother…. Isn’t he just slightly more handsome. Men, you cannot just judge them by their looks…..”

“Oh, what do you know! Senior Brother hasn’t just got looks only!” The female student immediately showed an expression like she was insulted as she educated her with a tone full of justice, “Did you know? Right after Senior Brother reported to the academy, the first thing he did was to challenge Martial Arts Stage number one ranking Mister Yuan!”

“Oh? Really? The result?”

Hearing these, Huang Yueli suddenly felt an interest to know more. To challenge the number one local villain on the first day of school, this overbearing attitude was not something that most people had.

The female student said, “Do you need to ask? Senior Brother only used one move and sent Mister Yuan flying! A pity this was a last minute battle and not a pre-arranged battle so we didn’t get to see the actual scenario! Ai, Senior Brother is so handsome and so powerful, I’m going to be one of his admirers for my entire life!” Her eyes turned into a heart shape once again.

Huang Yueli went speechless once again. Did she need to exaggerate so much? Although to be able to win the number one practitioner of the Martial Arts Stage was indeed outstanding, but these female students had turned into love struck idiots!

This current scenario made her recall the scenario when Mu Chengying appeared in Sky Emperor City, which also caused a huge amount of love struck idiot ladies to surround him….

The ladies nowadays were really no longer reserved…..

“That’s right, you guys keep calling Senior Brother, Senior Brother. What’s the name of this Senior Brother?” Huang Yueli’s curiosity acted up.