Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 841

Chapter 841 Late Night Visit To A Womans Room A Beauty Emerges From The Bath 1

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“This…” The female student went into a blank as she looked at her companions.

Her companions displayed a blank look as well, “Ah? I don’t know? Seems like we’ve never heard of Senior Brother’s name?”

Huang Yueli went speechless for the third time.

This is really enough! Even not knowing the name could make these ladies love struck until this state! Just how much charm did this man have?

But no matter how handsome or devilish he was, it was none of her concern!

Huang Yueli patted the female students shoulders in front expressionlessly, “Excuse me, I want to return to my courtyard to cultivate! I’d like to trouble you all when you crowd around, please try to move over to that side and not block the entrance of my residence!”

The female student stared at her blankly, “You’re leaving just like that? Don’t you want to see what Senior Brother looks like?”

The female students weren’t able to find the door and get in so they were thinking since Huang Yueli was this Senior Brother’s neighbour, perhaps they could make use of her as an excuse to pay a visit to her new neighbour and bring them a glance of the male god! But the result was she was totally not interested?

However, Huang Yueli had already seen through their thinking. She wasn’t interested in doing such a nonsensical matter as she had plenty of other important things to do!

She pushed the crowd aside and went straight into her own courtyard.

What Huang Yueli didn’t know what in the other courtyard, there was someone hiding behind the window, quietly looking at her sweet and graceful figure.

For that one moment, Li Moying had thought that Huang Yueli would come knocking on his door.

Who knew that she would just leave like that…..

At present, Li Moying didn’t know if he should feel disappointed or happy?

Huang Yueli cultivated for an entire afternoon alone in her room and it was until the evening when the Herb Garden Director personally sent her the sixth and seventh level medicinal herbs.

Huang Yueli tallied against her list and realised that this round of collecting the required herbs was extremely smooth and had been completed so easily.

To prevent unexpected circumstances from happening, she immediately that tonight she would start her medicinal bath so as to gain more time in advancement.

She didn’t know much people in Celestial Light Academy and it was not possible for anyone to come and find her.

But for safety sake, she set up an array around the surroundings of her courtyard.

Following that, she took out a large bathtub from the Sky Phoenix Ring and laid it with medicinal herbs before bringing Little Phoenix to light up the fire.

True Phoenix Fire burnt in rage and that extremely glaring fire light lit up the entire room, making one unable to open one’s eyes!

If it wasn’t for the fact that she had pre-set up an array, it was possible that this unusual ray might have already aroused the attention of the surrounding core students.

Huang Yueli immediately stripped and jumped into the bathtub.

The medicinal herbs in the bathtub was as stimulating as the past and after the heating of True Phoenix Fire, the entire bathtub was shrouded with thick white smoke, which looked extremely terrifying!

But after her two previous two experiences, she was already accustomed to the current scenario.

She laid in the bathtub as her head laid against the side of the bathtub, using all her determination to resist against the extreme scorching pain.

Little Phoenix wasn’t as nervous as the previous two times. It perched itself on Huang Yueli’s wardrobe while chipping away at his favourite roasted garlic drumstick and wiping the oil stains on its claw on the silver-ish white silk dress.

Time went by slowly bit by bit.

Huang Yueli’s tightly knitted forehead gradually relaxed a little as the bathtub’s boiling hot red medicinal water turned lighter and lighter, eventually becoming transparent.

Little Phoenix’s head kept sinking downwards as it started to snore.