Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 842

Chapter 842 Late Night Visit To A Womans Room A Beauty Emerges From The Bath 2

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Wang Cai was after all still a phoenix in its infant stage and required a large amount of sleep. It felt really tired in the middle of the night…..

But just as it was about to fall asleep, suddenly, an indescribable powerful pressure could be felt from not too far away.

The clarity of that bitter coldness which entered one’s spine shocked it so much that it instantly awoken as it shuddered and almost fell off from the wardrobe directly onto the ground.

It opened its eyes and looked at the man dressed in a dark robe with gold rims by the side. That pair of blossom eyes were penetrative and just one look and it made Little Phoenix feel waves of fear, uncontrollably shaking as it nudged its little claws.

This was a fear which ran deep into its blood…..

Li Moying walked to the wardrobe and lifted Little Phoenix by its wings.

Wang Cai quivered as it felt an irresistible pressure coming towards him and he couldn’t help but changed into the form of a little pretty boy.

He used both his hands to cover his head as his tender voice called out, “Don’t kill me, don’t eat me! My meat is very touch and I’m not delicious at all!”

Li Moying’s face darkened, not expecting this little thing to say such things!

In actual fact, he had already noticed that this little red bird by Huang Yueli’s side was a Magical Beast in its infancy stage and this little thing was obviously very scared of him!

Although he couldn’t understand how his little fox was able to derive at this step to even get a Magical Beast but he didn’t ask further, only feeling that he should keep this secret for Huang Yueli.

But he self admitted that in front of Huang Yueli, he had always displayed a gentle and caring look so why would her Spiritual Pet be afraid of him?

Little Phoenix was still crying out loud and Li Moying casted it a cold glare, “Enough! Shut up!”

Wang Cai immediately seemed like it was stuck in its shell as the crying suddenly ceased. But that pair of watery big eyes was staring at him in a pitiful manner.

Li Moying suddenly felt like he had a feeling that he was bullying a little kid…..

“You’re not allowed to cry out, go outside and play by yourself! Don’t come and disturb us!”

Little Phoenix hesitantly looked at Huang Yueli and took a look at that man before finally deciding to save its own skin.

Female Devil, not that I don’t want to stand on justice’s side but this man is simply too, too, too terrifying to defy! Anyway, he’s one of your pursuers so he won’t do anything to you, so I… I won’t stay here any longer…..

Little Phoenix was mumbling in his heart as he nudged his short legs and escaped outwards from the door’s small gap.

Li Moying walked to the front of Huang Yueli and lowered his head to look at her fair, nude shoulder and that face which was totally soaked in sweat, absorbed in a deep gaze.

Earlier he had been staying in his own courtyard, thinking about the young lass next door. The words which the young lass said last night had been stuck in his head and numerous thoughts rushed into his mind, making him unable to sleep.

Yesterday when he heard those words, Li Moying had once thought of giving up!

With his status and ability, what other woman would he not get? So many top talented ladies were willing to put themselves down and took the initiative to get close to him. As long as he was willing to cast them one glance, they would feel extremely fortunate…..

Why should he, and for what reason, hang himself to death on one tree? Why waste time on a lady who already had someone in her mind??

But that thought only lasted for a very short time.

After quietly observing Huang Yueli for the entire night, the thought of obtaining this lady finally took the upper hand.

No matter who this young lass liked, that man was not by her side whereas he, Li Moying…. was the only man who was able to stay by her side and protect her!