Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 843

Chapter 843 Late Night Visit To A Womans Room A Beauty Emerges From The Bath 3

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But in the end, it was just thoughts and Li Moying still felt uncomfortable inside his heart.

Which was why although he continued to stay in Celestial Light Academy, but he didn’t take the initiative to appear in front of Huang Yueli.

Early this morning, Jiang Tuxin personally paid him a visit, even bringing along Celestial Light Sect’s Elder Yuan’s grandson. He was said to be ranked number one in Celestial Light Academy’s Martial Arts Stage and had been looking forward to meet him for a long time so he came along to get some pointers.

Just nice, Li Moying had a stomach full of anger and defeated him on the way.

In the end when he was leaving the Martial Arts Stage, he was surrounded by many students from the academy.

He even discovered Huang Yueli in the crowd but unfortunately, not knowing what that young lass had in her mind, she totally ignored him and turned around to leave.

Li Moying actually wanted to ask this little thing badly, to see if her internal injuries had totally recovered? Today she was rushing here and there, not knowing what she was busy with?

Too bad, he still couldn’t bear to put his stance down.

Hearing from Jiang Tuvin that Huang Yueli needed high levelled medicinal herbs, he hurriedly got Mo Yi to get it for her.

After that, Li Moying had been sitting in his own room, pricking up his ears, listening to what was happening in the courtyard next door. At the same time, he was deciding if he should use the delivery of medicinal herbs as an excuse to draw the young lass to his side…..

Just as he was daydreaming, suddenly an unusual Profound Qi vibration appeared from the room next door.

Moreover the vibrations was getting more and more intense!

Li Moying instantly felt alarmed!

In the environment where Celestial Light Academy was, to suddenly have such an unusual situation occurring was something worth to be cautious about. Moreover this unusual occurrence appeared right next door – his little fox was living in that courtyard!

Li Moying could no longer sit still as he turned around and walked towards the outside of the door.

After he easily broke through the array which Huang Yueli set up, he secretly entered the little fox’s room but discovered…. An accidental memorable scene!

An exceptional beauty was reclining against a huge bathtub and her body from below the shoulder was emerged in the light red medicinal water. However her fair slender neck, her smooth and delicate shoulders and her defined collarbone were revealed.

The temperature in the room was very high and the scorching flame underneath the bathtub was obviously a type of deviant flame!

Because of this, the young lady in the bathtub seemed to be unable to take the heat as her rosy cheeks flushed red and her willowy eyebrows knitted closely together, seemingly delicate, making one unable to help but love her upon seeing this scenario.

A bead of sweat dripped from the corner of her forehead and following the contour on the side of her face, it slowly dripped downwards to her chin and slowly dripping down following her neck.

Li moying was standing by the side of the bathtub as his gaze couldn’t help but followed the direction of how the sweat bead was moving.

The sweat bead slipped past her collarbone and dripped into that indistinctive revealing ravine. Following that it disappeared into the medicinal water.

Li Moying revealed a sign of regret as his Adam’s apple slid up and down. Yesterday night’s scene came into his mind again and this young lass was lying below him, with her shirt semi-undressed, nudging that curvy body…..

That kind of memory made his entire body stiffen as a heated sensation was felt from his lower body.

Li Moying took a deep breath and managed to oppress his lust as he walked to the front of the bathtub. He slightly bent over and put his slender, muscular big hand into the bathtub, immersing it into the medicinal water.

“Such intense medicinal bath….. it’s totally formed by fire-attributed medicinal herbs. If it wasn’t practitioners with outstanding innate talent with fire-attribute, just immersing in this medicinal water would make one’s skin drop out!”