Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 844

Chapter 844 Late Night Visit To A Womans Room A Beauty Emerges From The Bath 4

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Li Moying’s gaze had a complicated look as he looked at the half conscious Huang Yueli.

“Moreover, this medicinal bath is heated by deviant flames! Little thing, isn’t your innate talent just too astonishing! What secret…. Is your body hiding? When will you finally unreservedly tell me the truth about your everything?”

Huang Yueli lay motionless in the bathtub so naturally she wouldn’t give him any answers.

Li Moying’s fingers gently caressed her delicate little face and sliding it downwards, that delicate feeling was like a good quality silk, making one linger for it.

He wiped off the sweat on Huang Yueli’s face before going round to her back as both his hands firmly pressed on her shoulders.

“Little thing, it seems that you’re unable to completely absorb the medicinal effects in this medicinal bath so I’ll sacrifice a little and help you! After things are done…. You must remember…. To pledge to marry me in return…..”

Li Moying held on to her firmly as his palms felt that soft but springy figure as his heart leapt.

His brows creased as he discovered in annoyance that the minute he felt this little thing, his self restraint that he was so proud of had vanished to nowhere!

This lass…. was really his nemesis…..

He held his breath and concentrated while his fingers tightened and left a faint red mark on her fair shoulders. At the same time, the Profound Energy in his body started to move along his meridians and through his palms, entering Huang Yueli’s body.

Huang Yueli’s advancement this round was actually not smooth at all.

As she didn’t follow the advancement steps according to the <> which were recorded, but had accidentally raised her realm levels during the entrance examinations, and that caused her momentum to be disrupted.

Because of that, even if she had collected all the medicinal herbs this time, but the Profound Energy in her body seemed to be stuck at a bottleneck, unable to breakthrough.

Before Li Moying arrived, she had attempted several times to breakthrough to third stage fourth level realm but had not been successful!

As she had repeatedly suffered the backlash from repeated breakthrough attempts, she could feel that her own meridians were indistinctly damaged and momentarily, she wasn’t able to move forward or backwards, not knowing if she should give up.

But just at this moment, she felt a weight on her shoulders and following that, a tremendous wave of Profound Energy entered her body suddenly!

This Profound Energy was extremely intensive and compelling, sharp and intense as it instantly swept through every single meridian in her body. As for the bottleneck which she was stuck at, it was also broken through at one go!

Third stage fourth level!

Huang Yueli gave out a dull “Oof” moan as the Profound Energy in her body started to oscillate and advanced successfully!

After breaking through this critical bottleneck, her advancement process started to become smoother.

The surrounding Profound Qi was continuously absorbed by her as the colour of the medicinal bath quickly turned lighter.

As for the overbearing and vigorous Profound energy behind her also entered her body without any disruption, increasing her speed of advancement.

Third stage realm fifth level!

Third stage realm sixth level!

Third stage realm seventh level!

After breaking through to third stage realm seventh level, the speed that Huang Yueli absorbed the Profound Qu gradually became slower.

Third stage realm eighth level…..

After she broke through this level at a snail’s pace, the absorption speed became much slower feeling as though her advancement was right about to stop…..

Huang Yueli was feeling anxious. If she could not breakthrough to third stage realm ninth level, then her advancement was still not perfect and she would need to get the ingredients once again to find another chance to continue with her advancement! Moreover, the next time, the difficulty would increase!

She urged the Profound Energy in her body and kept blasting her dantian but didn’t yield any effect…..