Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 845

Chapter 845 Late Night Visit To A Womans Room A Beauty Emerges From The Bath 5

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Just at this critical moment, Huang Yueli felt her shoulder loosened up.

The energy that had been supporting her was taken back and for a moment, the Profound Energy in her body became much weaker and she had no more energy to go up against her bottleneck.

Huang Yueli frowned in disappointment.

But just at this moment, she suddenly felt a warm sensation on her lips.

A scorching and delicate thing plastered onto her lips.

“En…. wu…..” She panted slightly as she subconsciously shook her head, trying to shake away this strange feeling!

But following that was a wave of Profound Energy which was stronger than the previous. In a moment, it entered her body through her mouth!

This round, it was much stronger than the previous time by one hundred times! As though terrifying waves, the impact of the energy was so strong that a white light flashed past her eyes, causing her to almost faint!

Under such a strong impact, Huang Yueli broke through the last bottleneck at one go!

Third stage realm…. ninth level!

She finally completed her advancement perfectly….

Huang Yueli was finally rest assured as a smile broke out from the corners of her lips as she totally relaxed and fell into a deep sleep.

At this moment, she had barely realised that she was totally naked, lying in front of a man.

And that man lowered his head, as his starry eyes were half closed and a cold paid of thin lips were repeatedly ***** on her delicate lips, his tongue entering her mouth, possessively searching for the hidden sweetness that she was hiding.

Feeling that Huang Yueli had relaxed, Li Moying finally stood upright.

His slender fingers flicked and the deviant flame below the bathtub was easily acquired into his palm.

“True Phoenix Fire?? How did this lass get this type of deviant flame? This is the number one deviant flame which had been lost in the entire Soaring Heavens Continent for a long, long time!”

He went into deep thoughts for a while and all his fingers withdrew as he sealed the True Phoenix Fire into him.

If Little Phoenix was here, he would definitely be so shocked until his chicken drumstick dropped onto the ground!

Because when he saw Huang Yueli tame the True Phoenix Fire, he was already shocked from that easy-going attitude. But Li Moying’s current condition was even more outstanding than hers! Moreover, he was not a practitioner who majored in fire attribute!

After Li Moying kept the deviant flame, he turned around to look at Huang Yueli.

Without the deviant flame keeping the water warm, the water in the bathtub would turn cold quickly. By then, if this lass were to continue sleeping inside, she would definitely catch a cold.

He outstretched his hand into the bathtub as he used one hand to hug Huang Yueli’s slender waist and another hand lifted her thighs, carrying her horizontally out from the bathtub.

The young lady in the bathtub had nothing on and the moment the alluring beautiful woman’s body was revealed in front of Li Moying, his body instantly reacted.

Li Moying could only hasten his footsteps as he took two to three steps to reach the bed and stuffed Huang Yueli into the blanket before wrapping her up tightly.

He raised his head and felt that his throat was dry and his body was giving out waves of heated sensations.

Was it because this room was filled with fire attributed elements which was why…. it was so hot?

Li Moying tried hard to find excuses for himself but his gaze uncontrollably stopped at the fair white neck which Huang Yueli had exposed underneath the blanket.

Earlier that glimpse of gracefulness, Huang Yueli’s fair, delicate and soft body was already deeply etched into his mind!

He couldn’t help but imagine the feeling of kissing that snow like skin would be like? What kind of reaction would that young lass have? Would it be like yesterday night, where she took the initiative to tangle around him and obediently allow him to demand further?