Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 846

Chapter 846 Late Night Visit To A Womans Room A Beauty Emerges From The Bath 6

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This sort of thinking made Li Moying felt even more uncomfortable.

He hurriedly stood up from the side of the bed as he thought of pouring a glass of water and slightly lowered the impulse coming from his body.

But just at this moment, Huang Yueli suddenly moaned a sigh, “En~~~” and following that, curled up like a caterpillar in the blanket and using her hand, she pulled the blanket which covered up to her chest downwards.

Li Moying just didn’t check on her for one second and saw the two pieces of tender skin being revealed. That round softness was revealed right in front of his eyes…..

He hurriedly stretched out his hand to stop Huang Yueli’s tugging, attempting to pull the blanket back on her.

But Huang Yueli struggled hard, “It’s so hot, I don’t want the blanket!” She pouted her pink lips in dissatisfaction.

“No, you must cover up yourself with the blanket! Otherwise, do you want to seduce me?”

The two of them were in a deadlock and Li Moying was on fire from her struggling but unfortunately, he didn’t dare to make too big movements.

Because under the blanket, Huang Yueli didn’t have anything on. Such delicateness, such gentleness and such slenderness….. as though just using a bit of strength would easily break her waist into pieces…..

With this wishful thinking plus in the process where Huang Yueli struggled, her breasts kept rubbing against Li Moying’s chest, one time, two times, three times…..

Li Moying gradually lost his rationally and the strength grabbing her wrist suddenly increased, pressing both her wrists on the pillow on top of her head!

Following that, he lowered his head and pressed heavily against Huang Yueli’s lips.

The scorching hot kiss seemed to have a great desire for many years…..

His big palms wilfully went downwards as he caressed the soft, tender thing that had been seducing him…..

Huang Yueli started to feel uncomfortable and kept struggling but in futile attempt…..


At the last juncture, Li Moying managed to use his last bit of self-restraint as he forcefully let her go and laid right next to her, panting heavily.

He wanted her so much, but…. now was not the time!

His Li’er had someone in her heart but the person she loved was not him! If he were to take advantage of her when she was in a helpless situation, then what difference was there between him and a beast?

Moreover, Li Moying was very sure that if he was to forcefully have a relationship with her at this kind of moment, just based on Li’er’s pride, they probably would not be together forever!

Li Moying spent a very long time before pacifying the impulse within.

By his side, Huang Yueli’s breathing became slow and lengthy, apparently she was sound asleep.

Li Moying didn’t want to spend the night here originally but after he heard the young lady’s light and slow breathing, smelling the light and elegant smell from her body, he slowly shut his eyes.


On the second day’s morning, a sharp scream broke the silence in the room.


A young lady’s voice was heard and Li Moying awoke immediately.

When he lifted his head, he saw Huang Yueli’s shocked expression.

“You…You….. Li Moying??”

It was very rare where one was able to see the usually composed, black-bellied and powerful young lady to reveal such a lost expression and this made Li Moying uncontrollably curl up his lips.

“That’s right, it’s me. My Li’er, good morning!”

“You….. you…..” Huang Yueli whisked the blanket and covered her breast, bobbling movements kept fluctuating from her chest area as she stared daggers at Li Moying, as though she wanted to kill someone!

Li Moying knew he shouldn’t laugh but he simply couldn’t help it. Because he felt that the infuriated Li’er was simply too cute!