Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 847

Chapter 847 Late Night Visit To A Womans Room A Beauty Emerges From The Bath 7

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Huang Yueli was both shocked and furious.

It wasn’t that she didn’t want to show how uneasy she was, but when she awoke, she found herself totally naked lying on the bed and by her side was a half nude handsome man with dishevelled clothing lying right next to her!

The scarier thing was she actually realised that she was like an obedient kitten lying on the man’s chest and her face was rested on the man’s neck, in such an ambiguous position, in deep sleep…..

In her memory, she felt that the bolster on the bed was extremely comfortable and had hugged it tightly…..

When she awoke in the morning, the truth had been like this… so how calm and collected could she get! This was the first time in her entire two lifetimes!

She had never been such a disgrace and so embarrassed before!

Li Moying’s vision brushed past her face and started looking at her bare skin restlessly.

“Li’er, are you awake? Yesterday night you were in deep sleep and no matter how I called you, I couldn’t wake you up!”

Huang Yueli was not the only one who had a good night’s sleep yesterday.

Li Moying had unexpectedly had gone into deep sleep too.

Ever since he had gotten the Soul Detachment Illness, as his soul was not stable and his sleep had been extremely light at night. There were even some days where he was not able to sleep at all. Yesterday that kind of sleep where he had unconsciously fallen asleep had never occurred before…..

Moreover, he had been in such a deep sleep that he originally intended to slip away but had completely overslept and it was until Huang Yueli started screaming before he awoke in shock.

Huang Yueli noticed what he was looking at and pulled up the blanket in a flurry, trying to cover up her body but no matter how she tried, she wasn’t able to.

When she took a look, she realised that Li Moying was lying on one corner of the blanket.

Moreover, that man was smiling wickedly as he raised his brow and laid steadily there like Mount Tai, his strong arms were leaning backwards on the bed, his muscular chest half exposed with a languid expression.

“Li Moying!!!” Huang Yueli pulled and pulled but didn’t managed to move an inch as she shouted in anger and embarrassment, “What are you doing? Get off from my bed!”

Li Moying then noticed her movements and nudged slightly, allowing Huang Yueli to draw away the blanket.

Huang Yueli hurriedly covered herself up as she stared at him, she asked, “You…. What are you doing here? Last night…..”

She recalled the scenario last night and puzzlement filled her heart, “Yesterday night, I was obviously cultivating alone in my room and I had even set up an array at the surroundings! How did you manage to enter? That’s right, where’s my spiritual pet??”

Li Moying lazily replied, “You asked so many questions, which ones do you want me to answer first?”

Huang Yueli stared at him, “Aren’t you in your Sect joining in some tournament? How are you able to appear here now?”

Li Moying answered, “The reason why I’m here, naturally is because….. I’m a student here!”

“You’re a student here?”

Huang Yueli raised her brows in astonishment but quickly recalled what happened yesterday and immediately understood what had happened.

“You…. don’t tell me you’re the one who those starry eyed female students at the entrance were talking about…. handsome till you shake up the heavens and earth and making the ghost & ghosts weep, incomparable Male God Senior Brother??”

Li Moying’s lips curled upwards, “Those girls are simply too noisy but their eyesight are pretty good. The description about me are both accurate and precise…..”

Huang Yueli was speechless, “You, you, you… do you need to be such a narcissist? Is there anyone who would praise themselves in such a way?”