Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 848

Chapter 848

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Li Moying took a glance at her and said disapprovingly, “It’s all the truth so why can’t I admit it?”

Huang Yueli stared at him, alright, the truth…. Indeed it was the truth but, he was still too shameless!

“Wait, this is Celestial Light Academy so how on earth did you managed to smuggle in? You obviously hadn’t taken the entrance examinations right?” She thought of another matter.

Li Moying replied, “Do I even need to take the entrance examinations if I want to enter this whatever academy?”

Huang Yueli blinked her eyes, looked at his smiling handsome face and thought of something, suddenly seeing the light, “You… I know, so you’re actually a disciple of Celestial Light Sect! No wonder you’re able to smuggle in easily…..” Moreover to deal with everyone in the academy and live right next to her!

Li Moying initially wanted to keep her in suspense to tease her but whoever could expect that this little fox was so smart and guessed the correct answer immediately.

He immediately lost interest and stretched out his hand to pinch Huang Yueli’s face, “Li’er, women who are too smart are not lovable…..”

Huang Yueli slapped his hand away and raised her chin, replying haughtily, “I don’t need you to feel that I’m lovable! Don’t divert the topic, you haven’t answered me why are you here? I haven’t seem to given you approval to come to my courtyard? Were you thinking of doing something bad?”

Li Moying anxiously lamented his misfortune.

“Li’er, you’re framing me! Yesterday night I heard there’s some noise coming from your room and worried that something had happened to you, I dropped by! In the end, I found that you’re so daring that you’re actually advancing alone in your room! Did you know that without anyone to protect you, how dangerous a feat was it to advance alone?? If something happened, there’s no one who could save you!”

Li Moying’s tone was gentle but towards the end, it gradually became stern!

The scene that he saw yesterday night made him felt scared now that he recalled it!

In the process of a practitioner’s cultivation, to advance was an extremely dangerous process.

In the process of breaking through the bottleneck, if there was any disturbance from the outside world, even if it was a slight wave of vibration, it could possibly cause the meridians to be damaged and in serious cases, one might even go into Qi deviation!

Even if there was no disturbance, sometimes the situation where the practitioner’s inner breath might be in disorder and caused injuries.

So when most practitioners advance, they would need someone to protect them. In large Sects, when top talents like Li Moying advance, it was a huge matter for the entire Sect and several elders in the Sect would help to keep watch together to ensure his safety.

But now, this little fox was so daring that she directly advanced without anyone’s protection! Moreover it’s an advancement by such a wide margin, to continuously advanced by several small realms!

This was simply taking her life as a joke!

Thinking of this, Li Moying could no longer maintain his gentle expression as his face sunk and his blossom eyes held a tinge of strictness, staring straight at the young lady.

Huang Yueli went into a blank and suddenly her expression changed.

When she was advancing yesterday, Li Moying had known everything. Didn’t that meant…. that this man already knew that she had advanced from third stage realm third level to third stage realm ninth level, leaping over six small realms? This kind of cultivation method was simply unheard of!

If her secret were to be leaked out…..

“When did you… appear here yesterday? What have you seen?”

Her heavily guarded look made Li Moying even angrier!

“What do you think??”