Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 849

Chapter 849 This Is Called . Having A Clandestine Love Affair 1

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“Ugh…..” Huang Yueli didn’t know how to answer at that moment.

Li Moying unhappily said, “Wasn’t that when you were continuously advancing those six small realms?”

Huang Yueli went into a blank as she didn’t expect him to really see it all and yet still say it out so frankly without any intention to deny at all.

She could only reply, “You’ve seen everything? But don’t ask me why because even if you did, I will not answer you.”

Li Moying’s beautiful blossom eyes rose, casted her a sidelong glance and gave a humph, “What? Still trying to hide something from me? You really think I don’t know? You’ve an extremely outstanding innate talent physique and is ninth grade and above! You should be some kind of fire-attributed physique, am I right?”

“….. how did you know?”

This time, Huang Yueli was absolutely stunned!

Her Flame Spirit Physique was one and only in the entire Soaring Heavens Continent. At least she hadn’t heard of this in her previous life that there was something more outstanding that ninth grade talent! But now Li Moying had downplayed it so easily…..

Li Moying replied, “Because coincidentally I have the same type of innate talent physique. According to historical records, it should be called Cosmic Blue Physique, with thunder as its main attribute. Unfortunately I’d never been able to find a cultivation method which was suitable for me so my advancement had not been as fast as yours. I can tell that not only your physique is special, you even have a god ranked fire attributed cultivation method which is why you are able to advance so quickly every single time.”

Huang Yueli’s mouth was agape not knowing what to say.

Li Moying had seen through her secret, and what he said was exactly as it was!

But the most shocking discovery was that Li Moying actually was a peak grade innate talent physique genius!

After the temporary shock, Huang Yueli quickly accepted this accidental news. Lii Moying’s advancement speed had been so fast, entering the seventh degree realm even earlier than Mu Chengying so this showed that his innate talent was extremely uncommon…..

Moreover, he had voluntarily spoke out his secret and successfully pacified Huang Yueli’s uneasiness and apprehensive.

This round since they both knew one another’s secret, then it should be….. evened out right?

Huang Yueli laughed, “So you’re also have a peak level innate talent physique, no wonder you’re so powerful! You should have told me earlier, you really scared me to death!”

Her smile was very sweet but Li Moying still kept a straight face on and even then his expression had turned uglier than earlier.

“You still dare to smile! You’re almost scared to death, I’m the one who was almost scared to death! Looks like my words earlier didn’t enter your ears at all? Alone hiding in the room and you dare to advance? Moreover to continuously advance several times! Do you even have any brains? Or do you feel your life is too long? Or you want to try the taste of Qi deviation?”

Li Moying’s tone had turned exceptionally stern, totally different from his usual gentle attitude.

Huang Yueli had seldom received such ominous treatment from him and suddenly felt aggrieved as she pouted, “Wh… Why do you say such things of me! Don’t I know that it’s dangerous? But I couldn’t find any reliable person to protect me! Surely I shouldn’t give up the chance to advance just because of this right?”

Li Moying lowered his body as his handsome face displayed a stern expression, moving closer to her.

Huang Yueli subconsciously nudged her little butt, moving backwards but she was wrapped up like a baby silkworm, not able to quickly move away.

Li Moying pressed on one corner of her blanket causing her to lose balance and falling backwards onto the bed.