Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 850

Chapter 850 This Is Called . Having A Clandestine Love Affair 2

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“Hey, what… are you thinking of doing?”

A scorching warm male’s breath invaded towards her, making Huang Yueli anxious.

Li Moying’s well-built body came pressing towards her and Huang Yueli became tongue-tied, “Don’t you dare come any nearer, stop it! I’m warning you!”

She hadn’t forgotten that underneath the blanket, she had nothing on at all.

Li Moying turned a deaf ear to her warning, bearing an icy cold face like a sculpture, his gaze unpredictable, forcing Huang Yueli’s entire body to stick on the bed, not daring to move one single bit.

He then stopped his movements and using his elbow to support his body, he hovered right above Huang Yueli.

But the distance between the two of them were close enough.

Huang Yueli was able to clearly feel that in between the thin blanket, the two of their chests were pressing against each other and this kind of ambiguous feeling made her body started to heat up, her pale face blushing a share of red.


Li Moying lowered his head and his breath fell onto her face, “Remember, next time you want to advance, you must tell me and let me protect you. Anyway I already know of your secret so you have nothing to worry about! Do you hear me?”

“Ah?” Huang Yueli went into a blank, “But this will be too troublesome for you…. I don’t know when I will advance again. If you’re not by my side, does it mean that I shouldn’t advance at all? This obviously cannot….. wu wu!!”

Her sentence was stopped by a sudden warm kiss.

If it was said that when they just got to know one another, Li Moying’s kiss came from his instructs, then now it could be said that he had gained a lot more experience and it became a lot more unhurried.

In between the exchange of lips and teeth, it was willful and yet fervent.

Just as Huang Yueli’s breathing was unstable, he lifted his head and backed down a little, “Little lass, you’d better remember my words well and not try to challenge my patience! If I were to know that you tried to advance when I’m not around, I will definitely punish you!”

Huang Yueli pursed up her swollen red lips and was angered by his tone.

“Punish me? What can you do to me?”

Li Moying didn’t reply but swept his deep gaze towards her lips.

Huang Yueli instinctively bit her lips, “….. shameless!”

“You thought I’d kiss you as a punishment?” Li Moying laughed lightly.

“Ah?” Had she misunderstood? Huang Yueli head slanted while frowning at the man in front of her.

Something was not right, there should be a scheme somewhere!

Li Moying’s smile became even more unbridled, “I will, but the punishment will not only be a kiss…” Saying that his gaze slid downwards to her fair skinned neck, his tongue sweeping past his own lips.

This devious movement made Huang Yueli’s entire body shudder!

“Beast!” She finally couldn’t hold it in and spat out these words!

Li Moying rose his eyebrows, “You really bite the hand that feeds you! Have you forgotten? Yesterday when you were in the middle of advancement and met with a bottleneck, who was it who helped you broke through that stage and successfully advance? You dare to say you don’t need me by your side?”

Huang Yueli blinked her eyes as she faintly recalled when she was trying to break through, she had indeed failed several times. But later on an accidental Profound Energy entered her body which enabled her to advance successfully…..

Could it be that it was this man?

Wait a minute, that last bit of Profound Energy coming from the mouth, wasn’t it also…..

Huang Yueli’s face gradually turned redder and Li Moying looked at the changing expressions on her face in a calm and unruffled manner, feeling extremely delightful within.

He knew that this little thing was unable to reject his demands!