Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 851

Chapter 851 This Is Called . Having A Clandestine Love Affair 3

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After Li Moying left, Huang Yueli pounded hard on the blanket as her heart was vexed to the max.

How on earth did she get threatened by this stinking man and agreed to his demands?

She had clearly decided to clear the line with this man but to accept this sort of demand now…. every time she wanted to advance, she needed to look for him? Then wouldn’t that represent that they would never be able to draw the line forever?

The more depressing thing was when she advanced yesterday, she was totally unprepared and had been seen completely by Li Moying! Moreover, both of them had spent an entire night together, naked!

Even though they had not overstepped the boundary of what was improper, but…. but… she obviously liked Mu Chengying!

After such a thing had happened, she felt that she had betrayed the person that she liked! The feeling was extremely awful!

Huang Yueli mulled over it, thinking that this cannot continue. She was living right next to a lecher and she totally did not feel safe at all, so she’d better be on the run!

But she wasn’t able to leave Celestial Light Academy now but this place was Li Moying’s stronghold so whatever he wanted to do could be easily done…

This was really troublesome this time round so she could only take one step at a time!

Huang Yueli interwined at this for a while but quickly put it aside as she showered and changed, preparing to go out.

But just as she casually picked up the skirt on her clothes rack when she suddenly jolted.

The gathers of her skirt clearly imprinted several streaks of oily traces.

Her face turned black immediately. It couldn’t be any more obvious on who did this!

Huang Yueli clenched her teeth as she hissed, “Wang Cai, look what you had done! You’d better come out now! I know you’re just outside.”

The little pretty boy had been peeking on the side for a very long time. He was a spirit body and couldn’t leave this master of his too far away so when dawn came, it flew back. But as Li Moying had always been staying in the room, it didn’t dare to reveal itself.

Now, upon hearing Huang Yueli’s infuriated voice, he could only walk out carefully, stammering and stuttering, “Female De…. No, sister, my beautiful sister, that piece of clothing… really was an accident, accident! I accidentally rubbed gently against it, it absolutely wasn’t intentional!”

Huang Yueli bore a frosty expression on her face, feeling deeply that this annoying child really needed to be educated!

“The skirt had been rubbed until it’s so wrinkled, just like salted vegetable! This is called rubbed gently! It’s obvious that it’s intentional! I’d never expected that not only did you damage the things in the house, you even dare to lie! Looks like this sister hasn’t spanked your backside for a long time!”

Little pretty boy’s big round eyes swirled several rounds as his thoughts flew quickly.

Finally an idea came to him as he found himself a brand new excuse!

“Yo… You… you’ve wronged me! I really don’t mean it. I… I saw your man yesterday and got too anxious so I was scared by him so…. it was by accident. You cannot blame me. Who asked him to suddenly appear like this!”

As expected, Huang Yueli’s attention got diverted.

“What my man?? Li Moying is not my man!”

“Who said he isn’t? The both of you are so intimate that you’re even sleeping together without any clothes on! You think this lord doesn’t know so you can bully me? Only married men and women can sleep together without clothes. This is called….having a clandestine affair! Hmph, if you were discovered, you’d be thrown into the swine’s cage!”

Three black lines slid down the side of Huang Yueli’s forehead when she heard what it said.

“You little fart kid! Who did you learn all these from? And where on earth did you learn such terms? You’re simply waiting for a beating!”