Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 853

Chapter 853 Ability Determines Status 1

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Huang Yueli felt slightly surprised when she heard her say that but after carefully observing the expression on her face, she discovered that her guilt was genuine so she felt a little better.

“Sister Su, I know that you treat me real well. In the past in South Yue Kingdom when I couldn’t cultivate, when everyone bullied me, only you treated me well and had always visited me. All these… I still keep it in my heart! I also know that after you entered Celestial Light Academy, you’d always been bullied and hadn’t had a chance to properly cultivate. After suffering so many setbacks, your mentality had changed slightly so you mixed around with those people without a choice and not your real intention.”

Saying to this point, she changed the topic under discussion, “I can understand that you team up as a group and you think for their well-being. But just based on those improper intentions to scheme on others will not possible make you a real strong practitioner? The way of cultivation is to go against heaven and fight against your destiny! If you had lost your justice from the start and not be an upright person, then how will you breakthrough and win your own self?”

Su Qingyue became even more ashamed of herself when she heard Huang Yueli’s criticisms.

“Younger Sister Li, you’re absolutely right! I was muddle headed! Thinking of being together with them so that when I’m bullied, at least someone would stand out for me. But I’d never expected their thoughts to be so crooked and only thinking of taking the shortcut instead of using cultivation to upgrade themselves! If it hadn’t been for you to give me this reminder, I’d have continued on taking this wrong path!”

Huang Yueli smiled, “You’re still in time to realize the truth!”

Su Qingyue hurriedly asked, “Then…. Sister Li, have you forgiven me?”

Huang Yueli shook her head and Su Qingyue’s heart thumped hard as she turned anxious immediately.

Putting aside Huang Yueli’s current prestige and status, just based on their friendship during their youth, Su Qingyue didn’t hope to become her enemy in the future.

Huang Yueli made her anxious for some time before replying, “I don’t blame you but if you feel guilty, then you must properly train yourself using that cultivation method which I had given you that time! If you are able to perfect the skill with seven days and based on your own ability, defeat that lackey who bullied you guys, then I will give you a chance to get what you wish for.”

Su Qingyue went into a blank, get what she wanted? What did that mean?

What she wanted most was of course to learn high levelled cultivation methods and Profound Skills, to continue advancing through the various realms and to become someone whom her relatives can be proud of, a top grade expert whom her enemies could only look up towards!

Could Younger Sister Li really help her accomplish this wish?

This was simply impossible? Even a huge place like Celestial Light Academy did not dare to vouch that ordinary students like them could become strong…..

Moreover, for her to refine an Earth grade cultivation method within seven days was nonsensical!

Not to mention to defeat that hooligan who takes their protection fee. Although that fellow’s character was worse than dregs but his stage realm was not low and was a genuine core student! She ranked backwards among the ordinary students so to defeat him? How was that possible?

But as she felt guilty, although Su Qingyue didn’t believe in Huang Yueli’s words, but she didn’t rebuke her and only replied, “Ok Younger Sister Li, I’ve remembered what you told me.”

Huang Yueli had already seen through what she was thinking about but she didn’t say anything more.

Everyone had their own fate and luck and their own goals and path.

If Su Qingyue herself didn’t want to become stronger, and lacked the self confidence and determination, then even she would have no way to help her!