Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 855

Chapter 855 Ability Determines Status 3

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“I’m a disciple of fourth tier Armament Master Tang Jinhua! I have the right to request an unwelcome person like you to get lost from the Profound Weapon Chambers! I advise you to hurriedly leave by yourself, otherwise if I will call the Academy’s security to come and chase you away! Don’t be full of yourself just because you’re ranked top ten in the Martial Arts Stage. No matter how majestic a core student is, on an Armament Master’s territory you still have to behave yourself and tuck your tail between your legs!”

Li Xue’er clenched her teeth as she glared at Huang Yueli furiously, arrogantly raising her chin.

Huang Yueli was about to reply when she suddenly heard a man’s voice calling out, “Xue’er, don’t be rude!”

Immediately following that, footsteps were heard and a middle aged man with refined looks walked in hurriedly from an armament refining room.

Li Xue’er turned her head around and immediately ran towards the man to complain about Huang Yueli, “Master, you see…. She intentionally came to wreck havoc at the Profound Weapon Chambers and affected me from arranging the ingredients! Make her leave this place quickly so that she will not affect the other Masters too!”

Upon hearing her greeting of “Master”, Huang Yueli inclined her head sideways to take a look at the middle aged man before realising that this was the best Armament Master, Tang Jinhua, that Celestial Light Academy had at this moment!

Tang Jinhua stared hard at Li Xue’er and said, “Enough, stop fooling around! Did you think I didn’t hear you? You’re the one who initiated the quarrel!”

Towards Xue’er crafty and unruly character, Tang Jinhua was already extremely headache over it but as she had the best innate talent among all his disciples and merely at seventeen, she was soon going to become a first tier Armament Master officially. Plus the fact that she had a sweet mouth, so Tang Jinhua had always treated her rather well and not bear to excoriate her.

Li Xue’er fiercely stared at Huang Yueli, feeling heavy-hearted. But upon hearing her Master already said so, she didn’t dare to rebuke him and could only turn around, walking to one corner.

Tang Jinhua was all smiles when he saw Huang Yueli.

“You are that Bai Ruoli? Haha, not bad, not bad indeed, you have your father’s imposing manner from that year!”

Huang Yueli was slightly surprised as she asked, “Master Tang, you are…”

“Liu Feng and I were classmates in Celestial Light Academy that year and he had helped me a lot! After we graduated, we have never been able to meet up and later on I heard that he settled down in South Yue Kingdom to get married and even gave birth to a daughter. I had wanted to pay him a visit and take a look at you but I was held up by some matters and by the time I wanted to drop by, he had unexpectedly gone missing.” Tang Jinhua explained.

Huang Yueli just realised that and smiled, “So in that case, I should greet you as Martial Uncle!”

Tang Jinhua replied, “Calling Martial Uncle is so formal, just call me Uncle Tang! The relationship I have with your father is not merely an outsider!”

Li Xue’er had been listening by the side and as she heard them talking, she was so furious that she almost smashed the armament ingredients in her hands!

What did that mean? Her biggest backing in Celestial Light Academy was Tang Jinhua but his Master was actually treating this wretched lass so well and acting so close, even better than her, his direct disciple!

What was the matter? Wasn’t it just because Bai Liu Feng and him were classmates?

Then before that, when she brought Bai Ruo Qi to meet Tang Jinhua, Tang Jinhua had not even been that passionate! Bai Ruo Qi was Bai Liu Feng’s niece!

How would she know that what Tang Jinhua saw was not merely the blood relations between Huang Yueli and Bai Liu Feng, but rather the kind of domineering ways she had which was alike Bai Liu Feng!

It was Huang Yueli’s outstanding performance at the entrance examinations and Martial Arts Stage battles that made Tang Jinhua saw her in another light.