Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 856

Chapter 856 Ability Determines Status 4

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In comparison with Bai Quo Qi who was driven out of the academy for cheating in the examinations, just like a joke, so how was she comparable to her?

Huang Yueli saw Li Xue’er’s expressions and laughed inside her heart.

Tang Jinhua passionately ushered her into the Profound Weapon Chambers.

“Li’er, are you going to choose your Profound Armament during your visit to the Profound Weapon Chambers? That day I heard Principal Jiang said that he allowed you to choose any two Profound Armaments from the Profound Weapon Chambers. Moreover you can freely choose in the first four floors! Do you need Uncle Tang to bring you around?”

Huang Yueli inquired curiously, “Doesn’t the Profound Weapon Chambers have five floors? Why is it that I can only choose in the first four floors?”

Tang Jinhua laughed, “You don’t know about this but among the current Armament Masters in Celestial Light Academy, the highest rank is fourth ranked, so we can only refine fourth tier Profound Armaments. Fifth tier Profound Armaments are all left behind by previous Armament Masters and some are rewards from our main Sect so the quantity is very little. Just based on star currency to exchange is not enough, you will also need to obtain Honour Points!”

“Honour Points?”

“Ha ha, that reward is only given when someone has done an incredible contribution to the academy and under normal circumstances, it is very difficult to get.”

Huang Yueli was slightly disappointed. Speaking of fifth tier Profound Armaments, she had a slight interest. After all if she needed to refine it personally, she would need a bit of effort but fourth tier Profound Armaments were rather easy for her. Besides that, with the current workmanship that Celestial Light Academy’s Armament Masters had on hand, no one would be able to do it better than her!

Tang Jinhua immediately brought her upstairs and went onto the fourth floor.

“Li’er, this it the fourth floor of the Profound Weapon Chambers. Feel free to talk around and take a look. If you see something that you like, just tell me directly!”

Huang Yueli nodded her head as she started to wander around in the warehouse.

Su Qingyue was just following behind her as her eyes turned wide, not being able to say a single word!

This was her first time entering the Profound Weapon Chambers fourth floor!

As an ordinary student, the amount of star currency she worked very hard to get was only enough to exchange for a second tier Profound Armament. Third tier lower grade Profound Armaments were luxury goods which she could not afford.

Among the group of small nations practitioners, only Yu Xinyang alone had a third tier middle grade Profound Weapon and this… already made everyone envious!

One of Su Qingyue’s greatest wish was to earn enough star currency to exchange for a suit of second tier Profound Armour. If she had the money, she would exchange for a third tier Profound Weapon and that was enough to make her so happy that she could not sleep!

But now? Huang Yueli had just came and had already obtained the qualification to enter the Profound Weapon Chamber’s fourth floor! Moreover, she could choose freely as she liked!

Su Qingyue was both shocked yet envious.

She raised her head and looked around like a country bumpkin entering a city!

It simply was because fourth tier Profound Armaments’ workmanship were simply too exquisite! Moreover, every single item gave out a simple and unadorned yet strong presence, totally different from the second tier Profound Armaments that she usually used!

As compared to Su Qingyue, Huang Yueli appeared more casual. She slowly wandered one round in front of some shelves and stopped, not continuing to walk forward.

Su Qingyue saw that she stopped and urged her, “Younger Sister Li! Don’t you want to take a further look? There are several more shelves over here and every single piece are outstanding pieces of equipment. Fourth ranked Armament Masters are so rare and every single piece of fourth tier Profound Armament costs heavenly prices! If you are able to pick one which is suitable to your attribute and cultivation method, it will make your ability increase in its effect so you cannot just choose randomly!”

Tang Jinhua was standing by one side and when he heard what Su Qingyue said, he couldn’t help but smile delightfully.