Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 857

Chapter 857 The Real Expert 1

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“You’re rather good at understanding matters, young lass. That’s right, the Profound Armaments we have here are all extraordinary! Celestial Light Academy’s Profound Weapon Chambers is well known throughout the entire Sky Cloud City!”

Saying that, Tang Jinhua instructed again, “Li’er, you have to choose carefully. Although the higher tier of the Profound Armament is, but it must be in line with your own condition before its effect can be brought out to the maximum!”

Huang Yueli nodded saying, “I’ve already chosen!”

Tang Jinhua went into a blank, “What? You’ve already chosen? Isn’t that a little too quick? You sure you’ve chosen already? There are still plenty of Profound armaments here, and you haven’t even seen it yet! Didn’t you hear what I said earlier? Take your time to choose. Anyway I’m not in a hurry to chase you out!”

Huang Yueli smiled and replied, “I’ve really taken my pick so why should I hang around here any longer? Isn’t this just wasting Uncle Tang’s time?”

Tang Jinhua’s eyes widened as he said, “You are sure?”


“Alright, then which two pieces have you chosen?”

Tang Jinhua obviously didn’t believe, only thinking that this little lass had been too elated by her recent victories which made her careless but on Bai Liu Feng’s accord, he must stop her from making this kind of mistake! No matter what, he must make her appreciate the chance and pick out the most suitable Profound Armament!

Huang Yueli pointed, “I want this dagger and that chest-protecting mirror!”

Tang Jinhua turned around to take a look and his mind went into a blank again.

He had originally intended that no matter what Profound Armament Huang Yueli chose, he would look down on it fiercely to pick out its flaws and made her choose again!

The result was when he really took a look, the words in his throat were swallowed back!

The item which Huang Yueli took fancy upon were… the two best Profound Armaments which the Profound Weapon Chambers fourth floor had!

“This… you sure you want to select these two pieces?? What made you choose them?” Tang Jinhua was tongue tied as he finally voiced out after regaining his senses.

Huang Yueli’s brows rose, “Ah? Uncle Tang, aren’t you asking the obvious? The reason why I’m choosing these two pieces is because they’re the best Profound Armaments in this floor! Don’t tell me you can’t bear to give them to me? You said earlier that the Profound Armament in this floor is for me to choose and now you cannot go back on your words!”

“Of course I will not regret, but… but what made you choose them? Let’s talk about this dagger that you chose, at least it’s a fourth tier upper grade Profound Weapon! But this piece of chest-protecting mirror, it is merely fourth tier medium grade and the most worthless among the Profound Armament’s Profound Armour… how did you see through that it is the best??”

Tang Jinhua was indeed couldn’t bear to part with it. These two Profound Armaments in this fourth floor were absolutely the treasures of this place!

Even though the fifth floor had many Profound Armaments, but judging from the real power, these two pieces outshone them.

As the grade was much lower, so it was stored on the fourth floor.

Tang Jinhua intentionally stuffed them into one corner and made it covered in dust, just because he couldn’t bear for those who didn’t know what’s what to choose it away.

Whoever knew that this little lass today had such good eyesight and picked out these two pieces in no time!

But at this moment, Tang Jinhua’s physical pain was secondary, he was pleasantly surprised in his heart! Or rather shocked!

To be able to pick out one piece could probably be her luck but to be able to pick out both pieces, this meant she was a real expert!