Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 859

Chapter 859 The Real Expert 3

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“Uncle Tang, you know that my energy is spent mainly on the way of cultivation and I really don’t have any extra time for learning how to refine armaments! I can only thank you for your well intentions!”

How on earth would she possibly become an apprentice to Tang Jinhua? To be honest, even the scenario was reversed and Tang Jinhua were to be her student, she thought that his innate talent and comprehension was slightly lacking…..

But Tang Jinhua didn’t knew what she was thinking about and right after he was rejected, he still refused to give up.

“Li’er, think carefully before you give me an answer! Don’t be so hurried to give me an answer. Do you know what it means to become an Armament Master? And how many people dreamt of becoming an Armament Master? Although your cultivation talent is very outstanding and in future, you will definitely become a famous top expert in the South Sky Region, but the status of an Armament Master… that is completely different!”

Huang Yueli replied, “Uncle Tang, I understand your meaning…..”

“I think you still don’t get it! Let Uncle Tang give you an example! Did you see my female disciple Li Xue’er? Don’t think that you’re a core student and ranked eighth in the Martial Arts Stage whereas she’s just high levelled armament apprentice. But your status versus hers in the academy is the same! Moreover the minute she becomes a first ranked Armament Master, she will be able to join the faculty of her alma mater upon graduation. Besides that, there will be many practitioners who will be fighting to get into her good books! Even Martial Arts Stage number one ranking’s Yuan Zeyu also treat her politely. For what reason? On the basis that she will become an Armament Master in future!”

Tang Jinhua persuaded her sincerely and earnestly.

Huang Yueli replied him with smiles but didn’t say a word. No one else understood it better than her on how high the status of an Armament Master was.

In her previous life, when she was in Sky Emperor City when her ability wasn’t at her strongest, all the major powerhouses tried their best to butter up to her and so many traditional big Sect’s Sect Masters treated her with politeness. Wasn’t it all because she was the only ninth ranked Armament Master in the entire Soaring Heavens Continent?

Tang Jinhua realised that she didn’t express anything and thought she wasn’t confident in her own innate talent as he hurriedly added on, “Actually, although innate talent is important in the art of refining armaments, but the power of understanding and having a keen eye are equally critical. Even if your metal attribute innate talent isn’t strong, but just based on your keen eyesight, Uncle Tang dare to guarantee that if you are willing to learn from me, you will definitely be more outstanding than Li Xue’er! I gauge that within one year, you will be able to formally become a first ranked Armament Master!”

Armament Masters are extremely rare because practitioners with both metal and fire attributes were very little. But unfortunately, just based on the attributes, it didn’t meant that one could become an Armament Master.

Refining Armaments was an abstruse ancient skill and not everyone was able to understand the complex process.

A good young successor was really hard to find. So when Tang Jinhua saw Huang Yueli, he immediately realised that this was one talent that he had found and if he didn’t catch hold of this talent, then it would really be a waste!

That cannot be so, so he must persuade her successfully!

But no matter how nicely he put it, it was impossible for Huang Yueli to accept becoming an apprentice to him but yet she didn’t want to disappoint Tang Jinhua.

She thought for a while before replying, “Uncle Tang, I understand your intentions. But at this current stage, I still want to focus on the way of cultivation! But I will also seriously consider if I should learn the skills of Armament refining at the same time. Why not we do it this way, let me consider for a few days then we’ll discuss again, alright?”

“…. Alright then.”

Tang Jinhua’s face had disappointment written all over it but he also knew that surely he could not use a knife and forced her to become his apprentice right?