Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 86

Chapter 86 Bumping Into A Nail
Chapter 86 Bumping into a nail

Alighting from the carriage, Huang Yue Li attention was immediately attracted by the sight in front of her.

Thousand Treasure Pavilions doors were decorated anew. The entrance and roads bustling with people coming and going.

Wow, what is this situation? Today, how many people have come to Thousand Treasure Pavilion?

A passerby saw the scene and exclaimed out in surprise.

You dont even know? Today is the annual auction of Thousand Treasure Pavilion!

Auction? Do you think I have not seen an auction of Thousand Treasure Pavilions before? How many people have attended in the previous years? Generally, only the aristocrats in the capital will attend. At most, a few people living in the Royal Palace would also attend. Do you seen that horse carriage? It has the symbol of the Royal Family of the South Chu ah! Do you know South Chu? In the surrounding countries, they are the most powerful country!

How do I not know? Let me tell you, the people participating are not only South Chus Royal Family. And those are royals from South Maple, South Ming..

How is that possible? Is it that big of a deal?

I heard that this auction has Third Levelled Profound Armaments for sale.

Third Levelled Armaments? ! No wonder so many royal families have been alerted. If Third Levelled Armaments are to appear, wouldnt only those royals be able to afford it?

Not just one Third Levelled Armament. I heard that this times auction will be selling a large amount of Third Levelled Armaments! Seven days ago, Thousand Treasure Pavilion publicity displayed a portion. It caused a sensation, attracting so many people..

A large number of Third Levelled Armaments? How can that be possible? Just a single one is able to drive those Royals into a bidding frenzy. And a large number? Where did Thousand Treasure Pavilion obtain them from?

Hey, this is where youre ignorant! I heard that a large sects Armament Master passed by our South Yue and sent his disciple to Thousand Treasure Pavilion to sell his works. Even the Armament Guilds Vice President Yan admires this mysterious master!

No wonder! Even Grandmaster Yan admires this Armament Master, he should have good skills! This mysterious sects master definitely is someone of virtue and prestige! Its no wonder that today is very lively. It makes even me want to attend and watch.

Just by you? Im afraid you cant afford the tickets for this auction.

Listening to the conversation of the passers-by, Huang Yue Lis mouth held a trace of a smile. Soon after, her eyes moved to another section of the street.

Parked around were many high-end carriages. Each and every one was very luxurious, while some carriages were engraved with the emblems of the neighbouring Royal Families.

It seemed that the man did not lie to her. Many big buyers had come.

She walked straight to the front door, but was suddenly stopped by the guard.

This Young Miss, do you have an invitation?

Invitation card?

Seeing she was at a loss, the guard revealed some impatience.

Young Miss, if you are just an ordinary guest, please go to the right door, line up and pay the admission fee! By the way you will need to pay thirty-two silvers for one ticket for this auction. Please prepare in advance.

Huang Yue Li suddenly fell silent.

High-levelled auctions will divide into seats into VIP and ordinary seats. But there were also discretion tickets. These were the auction rules used throughout Tian Ling Continent.

However, as the continents best Armament Master, this was the first she was blocked outside.

That stinking man probably predicted this outcome. He deliberately did not send her an invitation, waiting for her to bump into nail and come asking him for help!