Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 860

Chapter 860 The Real Expert 4

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He could only agree to her suggestion and come out with an opportunity to let this young lass realised the special authority and status that an Armament Master had so that she would change her mind in the end!

Su Qingyue was standing by the side and completely became dumbstruck as she felt that she was definitely experiencing hallucinations!

The sublime Armament Master Tang Jinhua from Celestial Light Academy had taken the initiative to accept Huang Yueli as his disciple?

In the entire Celestial Light Academy, who didn’t know how high the standards of Master Tang was and how many severe conditions he had for accepting disciples??

Even the acclaimed number one armament refining talent, which had not been seen for the past ten years, Li Xue’er had pleaded with Master Tang for a very long time and it was only after she had been thought several difficult examinations before Master Tang finally loosened up and accepted her as his disciple.

Moreover, after Li Xue’er become Master Tang’s apprentice, her status immediately shot up and became one of the most sparkling existences in Celestial Light Academy.

But now, Master Tang actually initiated to take in a disciple?

Su Qingyue felt that Huang Yueli was simply too awesome!

Just based on those few words made Tang Jinhua praised her to the skies! Where on heavens would you find such an outrageous existence? Not only was her cultivate innate talent good, she also had armament refining talent which made Master Tang see her in a new light!

However, immediately following that, Su Qingyue heard Huang Yueli’s reply.

That reply made her jaw almost dropped out!

Huang Yueli actually rejected him! She actually rejected him!

Master Tang had taken the initiative to take in a disciple and his attitude was so sincere, giving her a chance once and again, repeatedly advising her the advantages of becoming an Armament Master. In the end, he even guaranteed that he would be able to guide her to become a first ranked Armament Master within one year!

Just how great was Huang Yueli’s innate talent! Even Master Tang refused to let her go!

But even so, she still rejected him! Moreover, she rejected him time and again! No matter what Master Tang said, her heart didn’t wavered one bit!

If it wasn’t for the fact that Master was standing by the side, Su Qingyue couldn’t hold back and rush forward to shake her to see if water had entered her head!

This was such a good opportunity! An opportunity that would not some even if others begged for it!

And yet she rejected??

What on earth was she thinking about? Didn’t she know that once she missed this opportunity, she would regret it for life?

Su Qingyue tried her best to hint Huang Yueli with her eyes, in a bid to make her understand how hard this opportunity was and to quickly greet her Master!

Unfortunately, her eyes were almost on the verge of cramping but Huang Yueli still seemed like she didn’t notice anything.

Tang Jinhua sighed and replied, “If you had any interest, you can still look for me after a couple of days. Now I’ll pass you these two Profound Armaments! They are really lucky to be taken in by a Mistress who appreciates their value!”

Huang Yueli genuinely replied, “Thank you, Uncle Tang!”

She knew this more than anyone else, on how an Armament Mater felt towards his own works. They had finally refined a Profound Armament and if it was taken by someone who didn’t know what’s what, then it was equivalent to the feeling of their own child being killed, that heartache!

Huang Yueli received the Profound Armaments and thanked Tang Jinhua. Under his sympathetic gaze, she coolly left the Profound Weapon Chambers with Su Qingyue.

The two of them had just stepped out of the Profound Weapon Chambers when Su Qingyue pulled her to one side and painstakingly said, “Aiya, Sister Li, what on earth are you thinking about! Master Tang had taken the initiative to take you in as his disciple. Such a good opportunity and you actually rejected him!”

“What? You surnamed Su, what day dream are you dreaming about? My Master would take this wretched lass as his disciple?”

Before Huang Yueli could reply, they already heard Li Xue’er’s voice coming from behind.