Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 861

Chapter 861 Who Are You Talking To? 1

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The two of them turned back when they heard the voice and saw Li Xue’er’s face of ridicule, walking out from the direction of the Profound Weapon Chambers.

“This is really the funniest joke that I’ve heard of this year! Who doesn’t know how high my Master’s foresight is? The disciples he accepted are all geniuses with unsurpassed innate talents! Moreover, since when had my Master accepted any disciple without repeatedly testing them for at least one year and above! Who do you think you are? He will take you in as a disciple voluntarily? Stop dreaming!”

She raised her chin, her face filled with provocation.

Li Xue’er was infuriated by Huang Yueli early this morning and moreover, her Master who had always pampered her didn’t stand on her side this time, but was acting so close to Huang Yueli instead!

Li Xue’er couldn’t flare up on the spot and had been bearing with this anger inside her until it was about to cause an internal injury.

In the end, after Huang Yueli left, Tang Jinhua suddenly recalled that he had missed out informing her how to maintain the Profound Armaments and specially asked Li Xue’er to go and remind her personally.

This made Li Xue’er almost throw blood out.

What was this? Her status as a high levelled Armament apprentice and moreover she was about to become a first ranked Armament Master! There are so many practitioners in the academy and even some were ranked higher than Huang Yueli in the Martial Arts Stage, which one of them hadn’t taken the initiative to fawn on her?

Now she was being treated as a serving girl who passes messages and to take the initiative to look for Huang Yueli and teach her how to maintain the Profound Armaments?

Li Xue’er didn’t dare to defy her Master and could only dilly dallied as she walked outwards but whoever knew that when she just walked to the entrance, she heard what Su Qingyue said.

Her Master voluntarily accepted Huang Yueli as a disciple??

Huang Yueli gave her a glance and replied with an indifferent look, “Really? I think Uncle Tang’s standard of accepting disciple versus what you said is totally different?”

Li Xue’er sneered, “What do you know?”

“Although I don’t know but I have eyes to see! If Uncle Tang only accepted geniuses with unsurpassed innate talents, then why would he accept you as his disciple?”

Li Xue’er went into a blank before she understood her words of ridicule and immediately gritted her teeth, “Bai Ruoli, you’re saying my innate talent cannot make it? Your cultivation innate talent is indeed not bad but you don’t understand how hard it is to become an Armament Master! My metal and fire attribute are all at fifth grade talent! Celestial Light Academy had not seen a student with such innate talent like me for more than ten years!”

“Fifth grade talent…. is very outstanding?”

Huang Yueli’s question came from her heart.

But when it fell onto Li Xue’er’s ears, it apparently didn’t seem so.

“You… You’re so ignorant! Dual Metal and Fire attribute are both at fifth grade and with enough power of understanding, these are the capital which I have to become Master Tang’s apprentice! Forget it, an idiot like you with no Armament refining talent will never understand so you can continue to be ignorant! Just that when you go out and boast, you must take caution and not boast to the skies! Saying what Master Tang voluntarily to take you in as a disciple….. ha ha ha ha, it will make anyone die of laughter if this spreads! Aiyo, it’s making me laugh until I have stitches!”

Su Qingyue was just standing by the side and simply could not continue listening.

“Li Xue’er! Sister Li is also from South Yue Kingdom, the same as you so how could you say such things about her? Moreover this is not boasting. Earlier Master Tang had said it personally that he wanted Sister Li to become his apprentice. Moreover after Sister Li rejected him, he continued to persuade her for a long time just to make her agree!”

Li Xue’er just noticed Su Qingyue’s presence and glanced sideways at her with a face of contempt.