Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 862

Chapter 862 Who Are You Talking To? 2

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“Su Qingyue, you don’t even have the ability to earn any star currency and you’re just a trash who is already incapable of surviving in the academy and you’re still hanging around here instead of returning back to your country? And you dare to talk to me in this manner? Have you forgotten how you and your gang of trash from the South side begged me to take care of you?”

Li Xue’er shot Huang Yueli another look of ridicule, “Right, you’ve found a new target and thought that after this wretched lass Bai Ruoli became ranked eighth in the Martial Arts Stage, she will be able to protect you guys? Too bad, no matter how powerful she is, she is just a practitioner and will never be able to be on the same standing as a valued Armament Master!”

“You—–!!” Su Qingyue’s face flushed red from embarrassment and anger, “Li Xue’er, before you became Master Tang’s apprentice, hadn’t you also hung around with us? Have you forgotten how much help we rendered to you when you needed to complete Master Tang’s test? And now you’re saying such things! Where on heavens would you find someone as shameless and as ungrateful as you!”

Li Xue’er went into an obvious blank when the beans were spilled and apparently seemed slightly guilty but immediately her face turned even more sinister.

“Su Qingyue, what guts you have! You dare to talk to a high levelled Armament apprentice to me like that? Do you know what price you have to pay for infuriating me? Do you even want to hang around in Celestial Light Academy??”

“You….” Su Qingyue’s eyes turned red from anger but she bit on her lips, not daring to continue speaking.

The status of an Armament apprentice like Li Xue’er with such innate talent in Celestial Light Academy was not lower than the top five core students in the Martial Arts Stage.

Moreover, there were many more abled and powerful core students with high ranks who automatically came and curry favour with her.

So although Li Xue’er couldn’t deal with Huang Yueli this kind of strongwoman, but to handle an ordinary student like Su Qingyue was just like moving one little finger. The kind of threat…. Was absolutely not just talking big!

Li Xue’er saw that she was afraid and laughed delightfully, “One trash like you also dare to…..”

“I think….. you’re the trash?”

Li Xue’er was cut off by someone and looked fiercely at Huang Yueli.

“Humph humph, Bai Ruoli, don’t be too complacent! Although you’re ranked eighth in the Martial Arts Stage, but before you are seven even more outstanding practitioners! Oh right, ever since that new Senior Brother came, your ranking had dropped by one space and you’re now only ranked number nine!”

Huang Yueli looked at Li Xue’er in surprise, “You know who this new Senior Brother is?”

“He he, who cares who he is! Anyway, a cheap thing like you will never be comparable to a peerless talent!”

Li Xue’er stopped talking as her face subconsciously flushed a tinge of red. Although she had never seen this Senior Brother personally but she heard a lot of people saying that not only was this Senior Brother’s ability super high beyond one’s imagination, he also had an extremely good looking face.

Ever since Li Xue’er had cut off all ties with Lei Zichu, she had always wanted to look for an even stronger backing and her previous target was Mister Yuan but now that Mister Yuan had been defeated, she realised that only this new Senior Brother was worthy of her, an Armament refining genius!

Huang Yueli didn’t missed her ever changing expression and thought for a moment before understanding what Li Xue’er was thinking about and almost burst out in laughter

If Li Xue’er came to know that this “new Senior Brother” was her second brother Li Moying, whom she hated the most, she wondered if she would throw up blood on the spot?