Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 864

Chapter 864 Who Are You Talking To? 4

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“Get into trouble?” Huang Yueli’s face was filled with disapproval, “Why would this be called getting into trouble? Celestial Light Academy had never prohibited students from fighting, as long as we don’t kill that person or depose them! When I made the move, I had paid extra attention and just making her crash like that would not kill her!”

Su Qingyue’s face turned pale not knowing how to continue!

This Sister Li of hers indeed was extremely powerful and her character was not bad but just a little…. a little too wild and too arrogant!

Every single time, she would make those standing around her terrified!

Did she really know what she was doing?

“But… Sister Li, this is not an ordinary student who you just beaten. This is… she is Li Xue’er! To beat up an Armament apprentice, you will face a lot of trouble later on! Moreover Li Xue’er is Master Tang’s beloved student so what will Master Tang think? Besides that, among many core students, there are just too many who had feelings for Li Xue’er and if she were to find someone to exact revenge on you… what should we do?”

Huang Yueli laughed, “Sister Su, don’t worry and relax. Master Tang wanted to take me in as his disciple so that means my innate talent is much better than Li Xue’er’s so would he bother to create trouble for me just for her? As for those people who wants to help Li Xue’er to give me trouble…. He he, if they dare to come, I will let them understand what is meant by behind the mountains, there are people of greater existence!”

Su Qingyue was so anxious that she kept stomping her feet, “Ugh, I know you’re powerful but I heard that even the Martial Arts Stage ranked first, Young Master Yuan had been wooing Li Xue’er! You don’t know how powerful he is! A new student like you is absolutely incomparable to him!”

She felt that she was so anxious for Li Xue’er until her heart was almost broken but unfortunately the Emperor wasn’t worried but the eunuch was worried dead.

Huang Yueli gave a calm smile, “We haven’t crossed hands so how do you know that I cannot win him? Moreover, he is no longer Martial Arts ranked number one. Hadn’t Li Xue’er said so herself that the new Senior Brother is much more powerful than him!”

She didn’t believe that she was not able to defeat a so called genius in an academy in the South Sky Region. If this was the case then she would have wasted the decades that she had lived in her previous life!

Even if that Young Master Yuan was heaven-defying, living right next to her was a demon levelled Li Moying. As Celestial Light Sect’s Young Sect Master, there was nothing in Celestial Light Academy which he couldn’t handle! She didn’t have any qualms about doing anything at all!

In that instant, Huang Yueli suddenly became distracted.

This feeling seemed to make her return to her previous life, where she had Mu Chengying as her backing and allowed her to go on a rampage in the entire Soaring Heavens Continent.

“Ai, why don’t you listen to persuasion!” Su Qingyue persuaded patiently.

Huang Yueli couldn’t take her nagging and quickly changed topics.

“Alright, I’ve already selected my Profound Armaments at the Profound Weapon Chambers and following that I’m only left with selection of cultivation methods and Profound skills at the Scripture Depository! The day is not young anymore and I want to go to the Academy’s cafeteria to have my lunch! Let’s quickly make haste and make our way there!”

Su Qingyue turned around and led the way.

The both of them walked for almost one hour before they reached their destination.

Celestial Light Academy’s Scripture Depository was situated in the middle of a ravine and was surrounded by mountains. It’s natural defence same from the territory. Making use of the natural terrain, a sixth tier defence array was set up in its surroundings! It was the highest tier array which Huang Yueli had seen in Celestial Light Academy.

From this, it could been seen on how important the Scripture Depository was towards an Academy.