Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 865

Chapter 865 Bai Liu Fengs Clue 1

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There were quite a number of people in the Scripture Depository but it was extremely quiet. Whenever anyone passed by, they were light handed and light footed, trying hard not to make any noise.

When Huang Yueli stepped inside, she acutely felt some Profound Energy vibrations from the various corners of this building and even a sense of being spied on.

This meant that Celestial Light Academy had arranged a number of high levelled experts to oversee the Scripture Depository and in this place, there were seven high levelled experts presences here!

As she sensed this, Huang Yueli also restrained herself and controlled her own Profound Energy in case she attracted any unnecessary trouble.

She walked to the registration counter for core students and drew out her identity token, passing it to the managing teacher in charge.

“Good afternoon Teacher. I am this year’s new student Bai Ruoli and I’m here to exchange for the entrance examinations reward.”

The managing teacher received and checked her identity token and couldn’t help but took a few more glances at her, “So you’re the new top student! The one who defeated Lei Zichu in the Martial Arts Stage!”

Huang Yueli smiled, “That’s me!”

The managing teacher gave a smile, “You’re really something! A newly enrolled student and you’re already ranked eighth at the Martial Arts Stage. This is something that had not happened before and I heard you’re Bai Liu Feng’s daughter! Your talent is even stronger than your father’s. As expected, like father, like daughter!”

“It’s just luck!” Huang Yueli humbly said.

Su Qingyue looked on with envy as Huang Yueli exchanged conventional greetings with the managing teacher.

The manager of the Scripture Depository was different from the other managers in the academy.

As the Scripture Depository was of great importance, to prevent the possibility of cultivation methods being leaked or accidental matters like this, any managers’ cultivation level in the Scripture Depository were all at least five stage realm and above!

This managing teacher that they were facing was a sixth stage realm practitioner. All the teachers in Celestial Light Academy were all very powerful and their usual attitude towards core students were not cold nor hot.

But now he was very courteous towards Huang Yueli…..

It was just different when you have the ability!

“He he, I won’t waste any more of your time. The reward that you have gotten is any cultivation method or Profound Skills in the first three levels of the Scripture Depository. There are a total of two books so you must choose carefully.”

Saying that, the managing teacher pointed towards the inner zone of the Scripture Depository.

“I’ll give you a simple introduction. The Scripture Depository has a total of four levels. First floor rooms start with You (Tenth), Xu (Eleventh), Hai (Twelveth) and behind every number are a total of twelve rooms. In it are all Yellow grade cultivation method and Profound Skills. Second floor rooms start with Wu (Seventh), Wei (Eighth), Shen (Nineth) and in each of the nine rooms are Black grade medium level and lower level cultivation methods and Profound Skills. Third floor rooms start with Mao (Fourth), Chen (Fifth), Si (Sixth) and in each of the sixth rooms are Black grade upper level cultivation methods and Profound Skills. As for the fourth floor, which is the highest floor, starts with Zi (First), Chou (Second) and Yin (Third) has only three rooms and in it, there are Earth grade lower level cultivation methods and Profound Skills!”

“For now, you can only enter the first three floors. To a third stage realm practitioner, to be able to master two Black grade upper level manuals will absolutely be an improvement to your ability! As you are still young, the allowance for you to upgrade your space is still very large so my advice is to choose cultivation methods or types like that to aid you in your future cultivation.”

To an academy, to be able to keep stock of such a high volume of cultivations methods was something which is worth to flaunt about, not to mention they had a total of nine rooms worth of Earth grade cultivation methods and Profound Skills!

If it was outside the academy, any one of the Earth grade cultivations could be sold at a shocking sky-high price.

No wonder the Scripture Depository was heavily guarded.

“I understand now.” Huang Yueli thanked the managing teacher and walked towards the inner zone of the Scripture Depository.