Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 866

Chapter 866 Bai Liu Fengs Clue 2

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Su Qingyue also wanted to follow but was stopped.

“Only the one who had obtained the qualification to exchange is allowed to enter so this student, please wait outside!”

Su Qingyue’s face turned stiff as she backed down and laughed in embarrassment, “Then… Sister Li, I’ll wait here for you!”

Huang Yueli nodded, “Alright I won’t waste too much time and will be out soon.”

When the managing teacher heard what she said, he frowned unhappily as he butted in, “Miss Bai, I must remind you that even among the core students, to be able to enter the first three floors to exchange for cultivation methods or Profound Skills, this chance does not come by often! You must choose carefully the cultivation method that you want and not waste this chance! Spend more time looking around!”

Su Qingyue also added, “That’s right Sister Li, don’t ever rush! Take your time to choose, I’m in no rush.”

From what she saw, choosing cultivation methods and Profound Armaments were completely different matters.

When choosing Profound Armaments, Huang Yueli could still choose based on her good foresight and chose those Profound Armaments with purity, lustrousness and the rest to judge their merits and drawbacks.

But cultivation methods advantage or disadvantage could not be seen just from the surface and even if it was categorised based on grade, but to determine which book was suitable was oneself, one would still have to open and read each book to decide! Even just by reading the first page of every book, that would already require a lot of time.

So this matter could not be rushed.

Huang Yueli shrugged her shoulders and without any further explanation, she turned around and entered the inner zone.

The inner zone of the Scripture Depository was exactly as what the managing teacher introduced. When she just entered the first floor, it started room number one all the way to room number twelve. Along the way it was completely packed to the brim as it spread out, with various types of cultivation methods and Profound Skills.

In the first few rooms, Huang Yueli didn’t linger on but continued walking and walked all the way onto the third floor.

The number of students on the third floor instantly decreased, only about ten over students inside.

Seeing an apparently young girl walking inwards, a male student stood up and said, “This Junior Sister, this is the third floor and only core students can enter, you…..”

However, Huang Yueli didn’t reply to him but only flashed her identity token and the array eye at the entrance flashed for a moment before the door opened and she walked in directly.

Everyone in the room went into a blank as the gazes in their eyes towards her changed.

This kind of age, she was obviously a new student and yet to be able to enter the third level of the Scripture Depository, her status was instantly revealed!

“This… This should be the legendary new top student Bai Ruoli!!”

“That’s right, it must be her! I heard that new top student’s first prize reward is to get two manuals of cultivation methods in the first three floors of the Scripture Depository.”

“I’d never expected her to look so beautiful. Those campus belles in our academy cannot be compared to her!”

“What’s strange about being good looking? Her ability is not just based on her looks, she’s also ranked eighth in the Martial Arts Stage! Heavens, I cannot imagine… I absolutely can never reach that level in this entire lifetime of mine…..”

Everyone discussed in whispers as they looked curiously at Huang Yueli’s direction.

“I wonder what cultivation methods and Profound Skills will a genius like her choose?”

“I also want to know! Rumours are her power of comprehension is extremely high and she would probably choose those hard to master but extremely powerful cultivation method?”

“That might not necessarily be…..”

Everyone’s gazes were fixed on her back, trying to find out the legendary new student who had the best power of comprehension in the past hundred years would choose which kind of secret manuals to refine?