Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 867

Chapter 867 Bai Liu Fengs Clue 3

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Huang Yueli knew everyone was looking at her but she didn’t treat it as anything much.

Her gaze swept past rows of secret manuals as thoughts kept fleeting past.

Her knowledge and experience was very broad and unlike ordinary students who need to flip through every page, she only needed to look at the title of the book and roughly grasp an idea of it so she saved a large amount of time.

Very soon, she had already looked through the first shelf and as she didn’t find anything satisfactory, she walked to the next row.

Unfortunately, there was simply too little cultivation methods or Profound Skills which Huang Yueli was interested in and after a short while, she had already browsed through ten over rows of shelves and yet still not one book made her eyes glimmer.

As for those core students who were staring at her with their eyes wide from behind, they looked at each other in dismay.

“What’s the situation? Why did that new top student walk so fast? She didn’t even stop to take a good look! What on earth is she searching for?”

“Yes, that’s so strange! Will she be able to find some secret manual which she needs by herself with this manner? Choosing a cultivation method or Profound Skill is a delicate matter and cannot be rushed! She’s making a superficial understanding from a cursory observation so what can she even derive from this?”

“Ai, I heard she’s from a small country by the boundary so I’m afraid she didn’t have any experience in such a huge Scripture Depository before? Did she think that she would be able to find something useful for herself just by looking around like that? Looks like she can only choose any two books casually so this is a wasted trip!”

At that moment, everyone had assumed that Huang Yueli didn’t know what she was doing so they were rather disappointed with her.

They had initially thought of observing to see what kind of cultivation method the hundred-year genius would choose so as to use it as a referential purpose for themselves!

But from the looks of it now, it seemed that they really thought too much…..

Huang Yueli however, didn’t bother what the others were thinking of and continued to walk around. She had already toured the entire first room under Liu and didn’t find anything suitable.

She was just about to go to the next room when suddenly from the corner of her eye, she seemed to have seen something as her eyes lit up.

In the corner of the room laid some books.

The only thing was those secret manuals on the book shelves were laid in order. Although there was a mixture of new and old, but at least it was clean and tidy. Some especially old manuals were carefully bounded with a protective book cover on the outside.

However that pile of books which laid in the corner was totally different. All of it were wrinkled and broken, some even shedding yellow marks. If it wasn’t kept in the Scripture Depository, other people might have mistaken it as a pile of old brown paper!

Huang Yueli shot up towards that pile and picked one book out from there.

This secret manual was extremely old and the first few pages had a large tear mark. Apparently the first half of the portion had at least ten over pages being torn off so even the cover was no longer there.

What was worse was in the remaining last few pages, it was not any ordinary words but various tadpole sort of symbols which was illiterate.

But such a mutilated set of cultivation method made Huang Yueli reveal a smile.

“Looks like Celestial Light Academy still has some good stuff. They actually…. have this <>!”

<> was a zither score from the God Realm which had circulated to an ancient mystic region which she found in her previous life while training there.

To normal zither masters, this zither score could only be used to play music but for someone with such great concentration and practitioners who use the zither as a weapon, the ancient zither score…. was equivalent to a set of deep Profound Skill!