Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 869

Chapter 869 Bai Liu Fengs Clue 5

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Huang Yueli left Liu room number one and followed the serene and narrow corridor as she continued walking ahead.

Liu room number two, Liu room number three, Liu room number four…..

As she looked at the door plates hanging on the two sides of the corridor, something seemed to flash past her mind but she was unable to catch hold of it.

It was only after she walked one round at Liu room number two and derived nothing when she stood once again at the corridor when a thought suddenly struck her!

Right, her father Bai Liu Feng had left a few words on the back of his Celestial Light Academy core student’s identity token, which was – Yin number three, left eleven, up twenty nine!

At that time when she was still in South Yue Kingdom, she was totally unable to comprehend the riddle of these figures but now looking at these number plates, she suddenly understood!

Yin room number three!

This apparently was the room number which had many cultivation methods and Profound skills in the Scripture Depository!

As for left eleven, up twenty nine, similar to what she had seen in the other rooms, it should be the numbering of the book shelves and cultivation methods!

Which meant that… the remnant that Bai Liu Feng left behind for her should be kept in the Scripture Depositor of Celestial Light Academy!

Could it be that he left behind some sort of heaven grade cultivation method?

It had better not be so….. she had no interest in heaven grade cultivation methods at all! He might as well have left her some high levelled materials…..

Huang Yueli was not able to hide her happiness. After being muddled for so long, she finally understood what the clue meant!

Looked like coming to Celestial Light Academy was an absolutely correct choice!

At this point of time, she couldn’t be bothered to pick out any cultivation methods as she hurriedly turned around and ran towards the opposite direction. Very quickly, she reached the entrance of the Yin numbered rooms.

But when she reached the entrance, Huang Yueli’s footsteps came to a halt.

Looking at the defensive array at the entrance, she suddenly recalled something.

That’s right, Yin room number three was on the fourth floor of the Scripture Depository! Right now, she had no authority to enter!

Based on the level of her array skills, she would probably be able to break open this defensive array but the Scripture Depository was after all guarded by seven stage realm practitioners and if she alerted them, it would be difficult for her to get out of this.

Huang Yueli stood at the entrance and thought for a while before turning around and walked back to the entrance of the Scripture Depository.

When the managing teacher saw her, he instantly displayed a shocked expression.

“Miss Bai, you’ve already chosen in such a short while? Isn’t your speed a little too fast! Didn’t I remind you earlier? You must be careful and serious when selecting a cultivation method! Have you really looked through carefully?”

Huang Yueli shook her head, “Teacher, I haven’t selected finish. I just want to ask under what circumstances will I be able to enter the fourth floor of the Scripture Depository?”

The managing teacher went into a blank, “Scripture Depository fourth floor? You want to go to the fourth floor?” He apparently disapproved, “Although your innate talent is very good but you have just joined the academy and had not learnt much cultivation methods. Those Earth grade lower level secret manuals on the third floor is enough for you to learn! To put it bluntly, the way of cultivation is a step by step process and you shouldn’t bite off more that you can chew!”

Huang Yueli pursed her lips trying to control her extremely anxious feelings.

“Teacher, I can understand the things you are trying to tell me. I only wanted to know how will I be able to enter the fourth floor of the Scripture Depository? I am already in the top ten of the Martial Arts Stage and since I cannot enter now, does it mean that I have to become rank number one among the core students before I can enter?”