Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 870

Chapter 870 Bai Liu Fengs Clue 6

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Recalling the past, Bai Liu Feng was ranked first among the core students and since he was able to hide the clue in Yin room number three naturally meant that he had the qualifications to enter!

However, Huang Yueli didn’t expect the managing teacher to shake his head when he heard her question.

“It’s not as simple as you think! Even if you’re ranked first among the core students, you cannot enter the fourth floor of the Scripture Depository as you liked! Honour Points are required if you want to enter the fourth floor to select cultivation methods and Profound Skills!”

“Honour Points? What are those?” Huang Yueli frowned as she asked.

“Honour Points is the reward for special contributions to the academy! This type of special contribution can indeed bring about a major advantage for the academy and not something as ordinary as getting first in the examinations!”

The creases on Huang Yueli’s brows grew tighter.

What special contribution, it sounded much more difficult than getting first! She wondered what was the criterion that Celestial Light Academy had set?

“Then what are considered as special contributions? Those that can obtain Honour Points?”

Managing teacher rarely had such patience as these matters are usually self-explanatory in the information booklet that were distributed to new students when they first enrolled into the academy.

But as Huang Yueli was a new student and had just entered the academy, moreover she was such a rare outstanding genius, managing teacher made an exception and started explaining to her.

“There are many kinds of special contributions. For example when the other academies in South Sky Region challenges Celestial Light Academy, if you’re chosen to represent the academy and managed to defeat the opponent, then you will be able to obtain Honour Points. Another example is every five years, South Sky Region will organise a youth tournament and if you obtain a good ranking, that would also give you Honour Points. Other examples……”

Managing teacher delightfully explained a huge load of examples and the more Huang Yueli heard, the more chilly her heart became.

“Then…. teacher, are there any academies who are challenging Celestial Light Academy recently? When will the next Youth Tournament be held?”

“Regarding this, Celestial Light Academy is well-deserved of being the number one military institution and there hasn’t been any challenges from other schools for several decades!” As he was saying that, he puffed out his chest with an honoured look, “The youth tournament was just held last year and there are still four more years before the next tournament…..”

Huang Yueli was rendered speechless, unable to accept that her luck was that bad!

From what the managing teacher said, didn’t that meant that she had no way to enter the fourth floor of the Scripture Depository at all?

Seeing Huang Yueli’s face turn unsightly, the managing teacher added some meaningful and heartfelt words, “Young girl, don’t be so hasty! The academy will sometimes have some special situations and will distribute out some tasks which can obtain Honour Points. If you stay at the academy for two to three years, you will definitely have a chance so what’s the rush? You should just master the cultivation methods on the third floor first!”

Huang Yueli’s mouth twitched not intending to explain further to the managing teacher.

Since she knew that she was definitely not able to enter the fourth floor today, she eventually calmed down.

There are always ways and she can only come out with it later on.

She turned around and re-entered the Scripture Depository and went one round at the entrance of the fourth floor, roughly remember the surrounding topography.

After that she casually entered a room on the third floor and saw a Profound Skill of Earth grade lower level manual and brought it out.

Nearing the Scripture Depository entrance, she passed this manual along with the extant fragment of the << Heavenly Immortal Dance Score >> to the managing teacher.