Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 871

Chapter 871 Little Fox Bolster 1

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Managing teacher saw the two secret manuals that she left on the table and immediately frowned.

“This… Miss Bai, these are the two secret manuals which you selected?”

“Yes.” Huang Yueli replied.

Managing teacher glanced at her speechlessly, “Are you sure you want to choose these two books? One is the extant fragments of a Heaven grade cultivation method and there is at least half of the book missing so it’s impossible to master this whereas the other is an Earth attributed Earth grade lower level Profound Skill! Aren’t you fire attributed? Why did you choose an Earth attributed book for? And it’s a Profound Skill! Cultivation method is much more difficult than Profound Skill!”

Huang Yueli spoke in a neither obsequious nor supercilious tone, “I have my own intentions so Teacher please help me to register!”

The second secret manual which she selected was an Earth attributed defensive sort of Profound Skill.

She was mainly cultivating with fire attributed Profound Skill but in terms of attack power, she had an absolute advantage but in defence wise, she was lacking much so she purposely chose an Earth grade Profound Skill which was powerful in terms of defence as a reference.

Managing teacher was completely defeated by this new top student!

From since she entered the door of the Scripture Depository, he had given her so many heartfelt advices!

But not only did she not hear what he said, the decision she made was totally different from normal people and had didn’t pay any attention to his heartfelt suggestions!

Did she really thought that she was very outstanding just because she had several notches of innate talent!

Managing teacher crooned, “Don’t blame me for not reminding you, the academy has its regulations that a student can simultaneously cultivate two secret manuals from the Scripture Depository at one time which means if you didn’t managed to cultivate these two secret manuals, even if you have a future chance to exchange for secret manuals, you will not be able to borrow any other manuals! Are you absolutely sure you want to borrow these?”

Huang Yueli nodded her head without any hesitation, “Absolutely sure!”

Managing teacher couldn’t be bothered to advise any further as he took the secret manuals and completed her registration process.

Under everyone’s whispering, she left the Scripture Depository.

She had been busy for an entire day and as she returned to her own courtyard, upon opening her door, she received a huge shock.

On her tidy bed laid a handsome man whose clothes were half undressed.

“You…. Li Moying, what are you doing here!! Don’t you know this is my room? You haven’t received the owner’s agreement to enter so don’t you feel embarrassed for entering??”

Li Moying’s hand was supporting his head as he had a black sleeping robe on loosely draped over his body, his chest muscles half exposed.

His long hair seemed to be washed and wasn’t completely dry with droplets of water sliding downwards from his perfectly contoured cheek, with some indolent sense of charm.

Even though Huang Yueli was in a fit of anger, but seeing such scenario, she subconsciously swallowed her saliva.

What the… this man…. really looks too perfect, and simply too demonic!

Li Moying’s deep eyes were affixed on her as the corners of his lips curled up into a smile.

“Little thing, the words you say is too ceremonious. We are fiancé and fiancée so your room…. Isn’t it my room as well?”

Huang Yueli’s mouth twitched, “You also know that we are an ‘unwedded’ couple! Since we are unwed and you still come running to my room. Which country has this ridiculous rules? Moreover, have I agreed to let you enter?”

Li Moying disapprovingly replied, “Although you didn’t agree but your spiritual pet had! And it had personally opened the door for me!”