Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 873

Chapter 873 Martial God Asuralittle Fox Bolster 3

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“You… what’s the matter with you?”

Huang Yueli blinked at him unable to understand why when she suddenly felt a little uneasy.

She seldom saw Li Moying show such an expression and she somewhat felt that… this man looked slightly terrifying.

She thought for a moment before she asked, “Are you feeling uncomfortable anywhere? Did you expend too much Profound Energy when you passed it on to me yesterday?”

The little thing in front didn’t know what he was angry with so Li Moying felt angry and powerless at the same time.

But he also knew that what Huang Yueli said the other day was unintentional and she didn’t realised that the secret was exposed.

Li Moying clenched his fists as he tried hard to suppress the anger towards her.

He…. cannot let the truth be known!

If he really said it out then he really had no chance anymore! It would become very awkward between the two of them and perhaps this little thing would not even talk to him anymore.

Moreover, based on Huang Yueli’s pride and might, if he really did something to the man that she liked in a rash, then the two of them would probably not even be friends in future.

So he must endure.

Li Moying was very clear what was his major advantage and that was the man beside Huang Yueli now was him. Moreover he saved and helped her so Huang Yueli could not turn her back on him and could only accept his occasional appearance from time to time.

So he only needed to stick by Huang Yueli’s side and perhaps after a long time, she would be accustomed with him around and focus her attention to him instead…..

Thinking of this, Li Moying’s feelings subsequently became peaceful as the expression on his face also softened.

He sniggered as he continued, “So you also knew that I expended a lot of Profound Energy when I passed on my Profound Energy to you? I had thought that you are an ungrateful little fox and would definitely not remember this!”

Huang Yueli blinked as she gazed at this man for a moment.

On that handsome face no longer appeared that haze earlier and his peach blossomed eyes sparkled as per usual, as though the sense of oppression that she felt earlier was an illusion.

Huang Yueli pouted her little pink lips as she mumbled discontentedly, “What ungrateful? It’s all because of you! Saying with devote myself to you, it’s impossible ok? If you want me to repay you, then at least give a more feasible idea alright?”

Li Moying saw her fuming look as his lips curled upwards. When this little thing was talking to him, she would act coquettishly subconsciously without noticing it herself.

Thinking of this, he really felt that the rashness that he had earlier was unnecessary.

He must have more patience….

“Actually there is a simple way to repay me. To you it might just be lifting a finger and you won’t suffer any losses so it’s really up to you if you’re willing to or not!” Li Moying touched his chin as he gave a black bellied laugh.

Huang Yueli saw his foxy smile as her heart pounded wildly, suddenly feeling her face becoming very hot.

Although she knew this fellow was up to no good, but he really look suave…. Indeed he was a demon…..

Moreover since he smiled, it proved that she had indeed saw wrongly earlier!

It was just not possible for Li Moying to treat her so fiercely?

Huang Yueli rest assured ad she lowered her chin and asked in an unyielding pampered tone, “What thing? Say it out directly, why are you hemming and hawing for?”