Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 874

Chapter 874 Little Fox Bolster 4

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Li Moying smiled, “This matter is really very simple, especially simple, nothing can be simpler than this…”

“Say it out quickly!” Huang Yueli saw his draggy attitude as she anxiously stomped her feet and hurried him.

“Alright, about this…..” Li Moying raised his brows as he looked Huang Yueli in the eyes and slowly spoke, “I hope that from tonight onwards, I can move to your room and we can live together. In simpler terms, accompany me to sleep at night…”

“GET LOST—–!!” Huang Yueli almost jumped in fury, “Earlier you just said you don’t need me to devote myself to you and now you’re saying such things, are you fooling me? I’m telling you, this is impossible so stop…..”

Before she could finish up what she was trying to say, an enlarged handsome face appeared in front of her eyes.

Huang Yueli instantly stopped in her tracks, “You…..”

This man…. since when did he came so close? And he even lowered his head to get so close, just in an instance he had also gotten so close!

Their breathing could be heard and Huang Yueli could see his long and thick eye strands of lashes. At such a close distance, it was as though just one slight movement and they would kiss each other.

For that one moment, Huang Yueli thought this man was going to forcefully kiss her again.

However after Huang Yueli hushed up, Li Moying moved back slightly but still surrounded her within a range where he could reach her.

“Stop, stop, stop! You little thing, why are you so hasty? Don’t always think of me in such a bad way alright? Listen to me first ok?”

Huang Yueli turned melancholy. If it wasn’t for the fact that this man kept forcefully kissing her every other day and took advantage of her, would she even think of such things!

“Alright, then finish up what you have to say!” She raised her head and stared at him with a “I’m going to see how you’re going to exaggerate” expression.

Li Moying didn’t managed to hold back as he stretched out his hands to pinch her tender cheeks and before she could fly into a rage, he speedily withdrew his hand.

“My meaning is exactly as the word says. I only want to sleep next to you, and I will absolutely not touch you at all, not even a single strand of hair! Of course, if you have any desire and lust for me, wanting to get fresh with me, I won’t reject you to make you upset…”

When Huang Yueli heard that, her brows drooped as she couldn’t take it any further and stomped towards his feet.

“Hey! You’re beating up your husband?” Li Moying stepped backwards and easily evaded her attack but his face expressed a devastated and aggrieved look.

Huang Yueli retorted angrily, “You think I’m a three year old kid? Or I’m some ignorant young lady who hasn’t stepped out of the lady’s chamber? Sleep together! After sleeping together, you will find a chance to touch, kiss and after that … not be satisfied with small gains and sooner or later you will derive at your motive. Don’t you have this intention in mind?”

This was one of the three trilogies to cheating ignorant young girls to bed and it’s not like she hadn’t seen the world so how would she not know about this!

Li Moying looked at her in surprise and subsequently laughed, “Tsk tsk, little thing, so your intentions are so evil! Are you preparing to wait for us to sleep together then use this trick to cheat me? Or are you telling me that you’ve lusted after my body for a long time so…. you’d already imagined many times how we will develop when we’re on the bed?”

“You…. shameless!”

Huang Yueli stretched out her hand and pushed his chest, “Alright, I understand now, you’re making a fool out of me! Scram back to your courtyard now, I want to rest!”